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Eki Stamps
When I was in Japan I found out about this nifty hobby of collecting stamps at Railway Stations. Just about every railway station in Tokyo has a stamp pad and stamp that you can stamp into a book. It's sometimes a challenge in the bigger stations just to find where the stamp pad is located.

After hunting around in bookstores I managed to get one of these special stamp books for my Eki Stamps (Station Stamps).

[Image: stamps00.jpg]  [Image: stamps01.jpg]

Harajuku and Tokyo Station:
[Image: stamps02-Harajuku.jpg]  [Image: stamps03-tokyo.jpg]

Here is the Enoshima Railway Company stamp at Kamakura:
[Image: stamps04-Kamakura-Enoshima-Railway.jpg]

I think it's mostly kids who collect the stamps in Japan but it makes a great souvenir for tourists (particularly rail fans).
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That is a very nice booklet Finno. How big are the stamps? Does 'Eki' mean station?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
The book is a small notebook size you can stick in your back pocket and the stamps are about palm size.

I believe Eki means station but one of our more Japanese fluent members may be able to confirm.
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Read all about it here!

Or here!

Yes, Eki   is station.  The text on Finno's book says  鉄道 railway   スタンプ stamp    帳  book.
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Thanks Dr Chris

You better get going Finno...only over 9000 more different station stamps to go Big Grin
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Huh  I better get a few extra books!!!
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