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AN UNLIKELY FANDOM - Thomas the Tank Engine Fandom Documentary
Hello all of my great BPT friends!

I have some exciting news for all you guys- one of my good friends is producing a documentary based on the adult fandom of Thomas the Tank Engine, entitled "An Unlikely Fandom". To my knowledge, this is the very first Thomas project being tackled on a professional scale, and I'm really excited to share it.

Part of having this documentary being all-inclusive means actually flying to the UK, and filming interviews there, given  it's Thomas' home country. We really want this documentary to be the absolute best it can possibly be, as it represents this rather unique niche in a positive light to the general public. Hey, maybe it'll get the people close to you to *finally* understand our great interest of trains and Thomas! Haha!

I've attached the Kickstarter link to this email. If you could spread awareness about this amazing doc and share the Kickstarter link to people you know, social media, and ones who would be potentially interested in such a project, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your support everyone! I've additionally included the producer's website, and trailers on YouTube.

All aboard everybody, this is gonna be one absolutely sweet train ride for all!

[Image: An-Unlikely-Fandom.png]
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Had a chance to meet and chat with filmmaker Carty (and you!) when I attended the Greenburg Train Show late last year. A great guy and a great project!
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WOW. This sounds like a highly ambitious and demanding production. From what I understand, it's going to be like Bronies: TEUAFOMLP crossed with The Thomas the Tank Engine Man (Bookmark). If so, I'd expect other interviewees will include the Awdry family, Britt Allcroft, Andrew Brenner, some voice cast members, animators etc. and the history lecture would be given by a "professor engine". That is, if it will follow the same basic format. I've never watched the Bronies documentary, so I'm relying on Wikipedia.

Note: I wrote the above before seeing the trailers provided.

However, I'd suggest replacing "Tankies" with "Sudrians" to avoid association with Neil Patrick Harris' video, and because "Sudrian" sounds like Whovian and suits the fanbase better. Because it has only just been announced, how long has it been in production? It's honestly very overdue given that it is about "the original adult fandom", as described. Would I be allowed to spread the word about this and invite some other fans myself?
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