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I Have Stopped Buying...
I have stopped buying items from Asia as a precaution of the Coronavirus. In fact, I am not even browsing the Auction sites so I won't be tempted to buy until this whole thing blows over..hopefully. I have to protect my loved ones as how awful would it be to somehow the virus was spread by an infected person selling one of these items and because of that it infect a loved one of mine. I just think it wise to the err on the side of caution especially since the rate of death is increasing so fast. Especially since I just read that it may be possible for the virus to be carried in we find hair in the used engines we but. I just think that accumulating these toys is not more important than protecting my family. Besides I have enough of these toys to play with for quite a while. :D
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  • Muddy Poppins
And here I thought you were making one of your periodic proclamations that you'd sworn off collecting forever!!!... until next time!!! ;)

Typical viruses only survive outside a human (and "on a hair" is outside a human) for a few hours, and there doesn't seem to be anything different about this coronavirus. So unless you're flying to a coronavirus hotspot to pick up your package yourself, any virus in your package will be dead by the time you get it. In fact, the World Health Organization's coronavirus myth-busters page explicitly states it's okay to order packages from China!

[Image: 13.png]

There's nothing specific about the virus surviving on hair, either. Many people working directly with coronavirus patients are getting their hair cut because long hair interferes with wearing their masks, or because they might absent-mindedly brush their hair back with their hands immediately after touching an infected person, then do that again an hour later while eating. But you don't need to worry about hair as an infection vector when it hasn't been touched by a person for a couple days.

If you're worried about getting sick, you should be far more worried about the flu, which the CDC estimates has already killed between 12,000 and 30,000 Americans this year! If you're that concerned about flus, you can leave the package on your doorstep for a couple hours before bringing it inside, which will be enough time for any flu virus left on the outside of the package by the delivery driver to die. And, of course, take normal flu-season precautions: get your flu shot, cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue, wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water, and don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
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  • Muddy Poppins, Mister No
Thank you for citing relevant sources, drewbenn.
Yes, this virus is dangerous, the situation is serious, the people are dying and I'm really sorry for each and every one of the victims. But I'm surprised about how much people don't know about this virus. The "mith-busting" WHO page is a good place to inform ourselves.
I regularly ordered from China (mostly buildings and scenery for my layout, and some very nice leather cases for my cell phone), so when all this started, I researched and find answers from heads of WHO, CDC and my local health authorities. Everyone was perfectly clear about it: we can't catch that virus from packages from China. Period.
You see, outside the body the virus can survive - as I have been informed - merely a day, and that in precise laboratory conditions. And, as I live in the EU, I can't get any package from China in a day. As a matter of fact, a package from China travels at least a few weeks until it is delivered to me. So no obvious danger here at all.

Nevertheless, my local post authorities announced that they have cancelled all traffic with China, and that there will be "a delay" in delivering letters and packages from China. They say it's because some airlines cancelled their flights to and from China. Here is their announcement: "The Croatian Post has received information from KLM, Lufthansa LH and Turkish Airlines that flights from the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia will not be operated to prevent the risk of the spread of coronavirus, which will affect the normal postal business of exchanging mail. Therefore, we ask the users of Croatian Post service for understanding and we will keep you informed of any changes."

The result is that I have my two Seibu Series 9000 trains (The Blue L Train & Red Lucky Train) posted and waiting in Hong Kong until further notice. I don't know if I'll ever receive that package. In the meantime, I received a package from China last week (it was obviously on one of the last flights from China before they cancelled them). I got two new "Outland" Model skyscrapers (they look really good), and I will inform everyone if I die by assembling them! :)

My question is this: If we know that the coronavirus killed over 1000 (mostly) Chinese, and flu has already killed between 12,000 and 30,000 Americans this year (CDC estimation), should we not cancel all flights and deliveries to and from the United States too? It's a rethorical question, of course. I don't think there should be any disruption of postal services at all, since it's obvious we cannot catch the virus from letters and packages (everyone agrees on that).
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  • chrisjo
Actually it is safe, you will have to:
1. Sanitise the entire package and contents with spray disinfectants.
2. Wash your hands after opening the package.
Now it is safe to enter the collection.
You guys forget, Super has a Chinese postman :)
Happily collecting things all my life... :D
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  • Muddy Poppins
In this day and age miss information and fake news spreads fast through this internet frenzied world on both relevant an irrelevant sources. I, for one chose not to believe in any and go by my own instincts. Much information is true as is the opposite is true, one can chose any. The miss information can also come from reliable government authorities whose  intent it is to mislead the public so as not to cause a panic or use misleading information so businesses don't lose money. In this day and age one lie or misleading information can be posted on social media and passed around so many times until it becomes the truth in the eyes of many. I chose to believe in my own protection and my gut.

In this case they still aren't sure where this came from or how to combat it. I trust in time they will but for now why take a chance with family. Maybe its true in all you say about packages but lets just say....that a spider, live or dead found its way into the package while the seller, who is infected, packed it up and its not found out until later that this can transport something like this. Or what if its dust, hair, fecal matter etc they just don't. Some times the won't know until a case is discovered and they investigate and I don't want that to be the case with a family.

My feeling is, why take a chance on infecting a family member over a silly TOY when the jury is still out on this. Its a shame that 1000's have to die before they can find a cure....I just don't want a family member of mine being one of those statistics. Just think of it as me using a Respirator Face Mask on my ordering from Asia or me sitting on my porch with a shotgun protecting my family from harm until this tragedy is solved.
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  • Muddy Poppins
Mitigating every possible risk is the best idea, Super is right. There some things which can’t be stopped, nor it should be taken lightly. Especially in Japan where we are the 2nd highest in Coronavirus statistics.
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In all seriousness, I don't think Super is being over cautious at all, there will be plenty of time to carry on collecting in the future when its all over.  In the meantime you can work on your layout and some of your 'special projects' you keep putting off! :)
Happily collecting things all my life... :D
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For sure, Its not like I lack for anything to do, but on the other hand I already have most of everything that I want.
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Are you sure? :dodgy:

I was always taught: "Needs are finite, wants are infinite."  :sleepy:

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  • Muddy Poppins
unless you are living in isolation, there is always a chance of getting contaminated with germs and viruses.
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So does that mean you don't protect you and your family from a known germ or virus? There is a chance I might get run over by a car but does that mean I can go play in traffic? :-/
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