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hello everyone, 
i hope all is going well, with all of you.

Recently a complete, trackmaster alfie, came up for sale.

no one here got it?

it was a steal! to say the least!
[-] The following 3 users Like trevor369's post:
  • Muddy Poppins, Finno, confusedanddelayed
Did you save the listing?
What did it go for?
Play nice & have fun!!Smile
[-] The following 3 users Like Muddy Poppins's post:
  • Super, chrisjo, confusedanddelayed
What ever happened with the Alfie? Enquiring minds want to know!
[-] The following 2 users Like confusedanddelayed's post:
  • Muddy Poppins, Super
He never replied,,,
Funny that you would revive this thread today though, as I was also contacted by one of our subscribers today who just found an Alfie online and was excited to have just purchased it.

[Image: 6-B777-FE0-74-B3-4979-9-E01-4-F830-A2021-C9.png]
He got it for a real steal too...easily worth 5-10x the sale price.
Play nice & have fun!!Smile
[-] The following 2 users Like Muddy Poppins's post:
  • Super, confusedanddelayed
Oh man, I had forgotten about that site! Crud. Another opportunity missed! Sad

Happy for the person who snapped it up though.
[-] The following 2 users Like confusedanddelayed's post:
  • Muddy Poppins, Super
I was actually the one who bought that Alfie yesterday, when I saw it, I instantly had to get it, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. It should arrive in 3 weeks! I’m quite excited, also apologies if I snapped it from you lol. I’ll be reviewing it on my channel on my birthday.  Smile
[-] The following 5 users Like Six Small Wheels Studios's post:
  • confusedanddelayed, Muddy Poppins, Super, Finno, DalaGStanator
No apologies necessary! Good for you for scouring all the sites. I hadn’t visited totally Thomas town for quite a while (shame on me!). I’m glad Alfie went to someone who knows what they got! So so rare to see one come up. Congrats! And I’ll definitely look out for the review Smile.
[-] The following 3 users Like confusedanddelayed's post:
  • Muddy Poppins, Super, DalaGStanator
Meanwhile, I've turned three of my old Mighty Wheels heavy equipment into custom non powered versions of Pack members after realizing my (already green) telehandler wouldn't make a bad Alfie once I'll add the excavator arm and other detail (even though its chassis is wrong and it has one of the same drawbacks as the TrackMaster one in that it can't rotate). Byron looks near perfect and Jack also turned out really good. They will be slightly too big compared to my engines, but I will find solutions for them.
[Image: D75-E22-A2-5-B25-429-F-BA30-B36-D44-F5-ADF0.jpg] So, today on Totally Thomas Town an Alfie popped up for sale, it’s been purchased by someone already but I thought it would be fun to revive this thread to tell you all.
It looks like the same listing from the one you were able snag, no? Did you see this one being in stock, or do think this was yours and the listing somehow stayed up on the site?
It’s actually a different one, they sometimes reuse the same photo when they list something, not sure why.
That’s wonderful. I missed another one. I had been checking that site with some regularity. :/
[-] The following 1 user Likes confusedanddelayed's post:
  • Muddy Poppins
I find it very odd that an Online selling site would recycle pictures of used items. How do you know what your getting? Do you buy things site unseen?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Super's post:
  • Muddy Poppins
That’s what I’m wondering as well, Its a bit confusing.

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