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Never Seen Before Kaisoku Densha Variant?
Got this one from a second hand shop, perfect condition, definitely Made In Japan. At first I thought it was a normal Kaisoku Densha intermediate car, it proved wrong when looking in the internet. It seems that the parts in pink circles are missing. Error product or different variant? I'll let you answer my questions.

[Image: ESaoeqr-UMAAd-INf.jpg]
Original first generation couplings are included, which was really hard to find in cars individually packed from a second hand store hang shelf.

[Image: ESaoo-Rg-U4-AA0o1-E.jpg]

According to one source (message reply), my version is the final version of all Kaisoku Densha, however no images and videos were found corresponding to this information:

"This Kaisoku Densha is the last variant.

It is the cab car

It is not common in Japan, so it is highly rare (valuable)"

I'm very jealous"

[Image: 1111111.png]
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Interesting Vio. There is also a difference with what looks to be chassis clips.

[Image: ESaoeqr-UMAAd-INf.jpg]

[Image: ESaoo-Rg-U4-AA0o1-E.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
That is what I pointed out in the smaller picture. The second picture has a smaller picture in it, showing both generations of the Kaisoku Densha.
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Oh geesh...I am such a dolt...I completely missed that upper circle......nevermind Undecided
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Vio
Even more scary news, our research team leader has not even seen such a thing before.

"Was there a Kaisoku of this type?"

"I thought that there was no screw-on type for the Kaisoku even if it was one way, but I wonder if there is insufficient investigation"

He claims that a Kaisoku has no screws, only clipped to the chassis.

[Image: 11111111.png]
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Wait... doesn't kaizoku mean pirate in Japanese?
The shining foxtaur who loves trains and plarail! JR SOCIETY!!!
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What I am talking about is かいそく (KA-I-SO-KU) means 快速 means Rapid Express.

I have uploaded a video for my research team a few hours ago as emergency protocol, sorry that it wasn't planned in discussions tab earlier:
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Too bad you're collecting just intermediate cars of these trains. If you bought the complete train maybe the mistery would be already solved! Smile

...And it's a beautiful commuter train! I wish they make an upgrade versions (more details, closed windows instead of holes, maybe with lights, moving doors etc.) of these older commuters...
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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And do you think it is that easy to collect the entire 3 car train, which existence is unknown and not fully investigated until just yesterday, each car packed INDIVIDUALLY in a second hand shop, lined among thousands of other common Plarails and McDonalds Plarails? My team and I would be happy to pay more than 150,000 yen for the worst condition box and 3 car set if ever found for research purposes.

These will never get reprinted, and if they do, their differences will be so distinct.
Our team did prompt research:

[Image: ngVwLF1.jpg]
First image shows no chassis clips.

[Image: kjhiHie.jpg]
Second image shows chassis clips.

Same Densha Yellow box. Same box art type with Kaisoku Densha in topic. Same generation Densha Yellow. Same generation as the Kaisoku Densha in topic.

First image is from Plarail Museum, Second image is from our teammate's collection.

First image is final production version, Second image is mass production version.

Kaisoku Densha box is safely assumed to be the same. We have found the answer. This is the power of our team. Case closed.

[Image: 111111111111.png]
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