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Why is this not implemented?
See those curves on the right, they are never made as 1 piece slope rails. The sense of direction of the curves. Why? This is actually very dangerous if the rails are at a tall height, the 1 piece curves have a small slope gradient on the grooves, this mitigates stability issues. If you were to use the 2 piece structure continuously to make a tower, you will find that the tower is unstable due to lack of gradient. Is there any logical reason not to produce these 2 piece structures as a 1 piece sloped curve rail?

Backstory, the sloped curve rail has 3 variants. 1: Darker blue, very hard plastic. 2: Lighter blue, very hard plastic. 3: Lighter blue, soft plastic.
1 and 2 are the oldest rails and 3 is introduced in late 2019. The late 2019 has also made 3 kinds of block piers, namely S, M and L, for the slope curve rails to rest on. However people are saying that this is a waste of time of production and older block piers (in the picture) are still used.

[Image: 1111.png]
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  • Finno
Not sure exactly what the question is. Aren't the ones on the right just regular flat curves that is put on a 3/4" riser block and not 'sloped'?

I have yet to see any of the 2019 releases yet. Were they the ones that originally were going to have openings between the ties? I do remember you saying that Plarail nixed the idea of the openings because of complaints from the Plarail community's.

Weren't the one piece sloped rails made to replace the original 90 degree sloped rail that could be stacked only with a special bottom piece? (see picture) BTW, I have always wanted sets of those but always lost out when they  (rarely) appear for sale.

I just noticed in this picture something I really hadn't noticed before in those original sloped curves and probably one of the reasons they were replaced. Is that the slope does not transition very well from the rise to a horizontal at the top. It more looks to be just like taking a flat curve on a block pier causing a train to 'bump' every time.

[Image: Untitreled.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(03-23-2020, 03:55 AM)Super Wrote: Aren't the ones on the right just regular flat curves that is put on a 3/4" riser block and not 'sloped'?

That is the point. The question is why is it not as 1 piece. If you take a look at where the male and female connectors are, you can see that the first sloped one has only female connector on the top and male connector at the bottom. Why TOMY didn't create a sloped curve where the male connector is on top and female connector at the bottom? Also I'm talking about the normal sloped curve, not the vintage type.

This is 2 parts, but 1 whole part of this type does not exist. If you have 1 more yellow pier and 1 more curve, you can see that there is a abrupt break in between the tracks. But if you have a whole slope rail, you can see that the angle straightens just at the edges of the rail. (this stabilises the tower structures)

[Image: 111111.png]
Now I get it Smile

I must admit that I was still confused even in reading your last Post as to what you were referring to but the more I studied your picture I finally got your point.

So what is needed is actually to have 4 i piece sloped curves.

2 as they make now,
Female connector at top, curve facing right 'A' in your picture
Male connector at top, curve facing left, 'B' in your picture

What they didn't make and what you are referring to (I think) is
Female connector at top, curve facing left  (lets call that 'C')
Male connector at top, curve facing right (lets call that 'D')

Do I have that right now Vio?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
My English is not the best, so I think from now images will be more self-explanatory.

Yes you are right. Without C and D, a tower will be unstable unless you use a connector adaptor.

But the question is why C and D is not released? We have been waiting for years for something like that to be released.
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  • Super
At first I would assume that the 'A' & 'B' sloped curves were sold only in sets that had a particular Layout that only incorporated those directions of curves (like the double spiral in the Amtrak set) but if I remember correctly, didn't they also sell these curves by themselves as a track accessory?

I would like to see the 'C' & 'D' made but what I most wanted was the 'B' sloped curve made in the light grey. I don't think they ever made one, at least I haven't seen any. They do make the 'A' sloped curve in light gray of which I have many so it was impossible to make a double spiral (like the one in the Amtrak set) in all grey track.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
The other point that I think Vio makes is that on the 1 piece curved slope rail the slope actually tapers off at the top and the bottom and goes flat - just for a very small section.

When you build your own ramps using a normal curve (R-03) and a small riser the incline continues through the track join and hence doesn't really connect to the riser (which has a flat top) properly, causing instability.

I have a lot of the dark blue and light blue (hard) versions of these parts but I have not seen the 2019 (soft) version. I also wonder why they did not make a double track version or a version for R-09 (outer curve).
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Thats right Finno
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(03-23-2020, 12:51 PM)Finno Wrote: The other point that I think Vio makes is that on the 1 piece curved slope rail the slope actually tapers off at the top and the bottom and goes flat - just for a very small section.

Yes that is the 1 sentence that explains everything I have been trying to Google Translate for 30 minutes. Thanks!
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  • Finno, chrisjo
(03-23-2020, 07:38 AM)Super Wrote: didn't they also sell these curves by themselves as a track accessory?

They are sold in curve packs.

[Image: s-l300.jpg]
[Image: Tomica-World-Sloping-Curve-Rail-Setbox.jpg]
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  • Finno, Super, bijomaru78
Didn't they also come in a clear plastic in a hanging bag with no block piers or maybe I am confusing it with something else.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Not that I have seen.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Vio's post:
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Then its probably just my meager brain Undecided
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I just got N700S set that comes with soft plastic corner slope. These new (A) Curve slope sucked. Over time train goes over it starts disconnecting from track and more it goes over it, it slowly comes off. (B) ones seems be okay. Maybe it do with carpet or these new blocks. Hard plastic is still better.
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Is the new material much softer than the hard material? Soft until you can bend it like a normal curve?
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