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Continuation of BigLobe Plarail Museum
Bummer, Thats probably the cause then as I use FireFox. Maybe your site should say best viewed using Chrome.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Chrome for the foreigners who can't understand Japanese. But the mobile version has problems so will take into consideration later.
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I don't have Mobile Phones so thats not an issue for me. Just a computer here.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Vio
I use Microsoft edge chromium and it translate page itself. I did have some issue where some image doesn't load.
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So your Edge Browser shows everything in there proper places Drew like in Vios picture here?

[Image: 1111.png]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Yep it does.
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And don't mind that red box in the middle, that is just to show the auto translation for you.

Reason why some images didn't load is because we placed a placeholder there, the images will be inserted later. But now it seems we have an issue connecting to the FTP server so it will take some time before we start work again.
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  • Tharazero1
Good news, can access the FTP server again. This link is updated:
Future updates will be here from now: . Also introductory page is updated.
Again, if you have boxes that we don't have in the museum, feel free to send me a private message with your submissions. Thank you.
Phantom Gem 72: 1972 TOMY Plarail Series Promotional Panel

Its the first time I have seen one. This might be one of, or the only survivor today in such great condition. Its a miracle that one is still surviving today. 1972 is estimated from the 100 years of railway opening logo. It might have been a header for a product shelf. The owner claimed that it is very large in real size. This is the only source of such a high quality 100 years of railway opening logo found today. Unfortunately, the logo is different than the one on the Benkei Set as it is missing the ribbons around the logo.

[Image: 1972-hansoku.jpg]
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(06-25-2020, 06:15 PM)Vio Wrote: Phantom Gem 69: First Generation U-Turn Rail

This is one of the most forgotten rails today, now being ancient and exceptionally rare. They were featured in the C-58 Set and the Benkei-Go Set, as well as having a single item release in 1972 but was discontinued 2 or 3 years later. The original single item packaging are more rare than the rails as most of the rails come in the 2 sets mentioned earlier. The size difference of the newer red U-Turn rails and this rail are significant, where the red U-Turn rail is narrower to fit today's double track pieces, and the old U-Turn is wider to fit the old Y rails. A raised surface is on the furthest end of the loop, so trains running across can be seen tilting like in real life. This rail takes advantage of physics to suit high speed vehicles. 

[Image: Dm-LNi0-KU4-AAim8-B.jpg]

There were 2 types of old U turn rails, the one above is the latter mold (single item only) and the initial mold is only a set product.
You will find the early type in the Benkei Set and the C58 Turntable Set, and the latter type as a single item only.
The early type was manufactured for only 1 year in 1972, and the latter type was manufactured from 1973 onwards (discontinuation date unknown) and quickly became out of print before anyone knew it. 

[Image: Ek-INm-B9-U8-AEk-Cn-D.jpg]

The latter type was slightly narrower, so it was forcefully split to fit the old Y rails and the converging rails. It also had a limiter at the middle of the curve but the initial type does not have the limiter.
[-] The following 2 users Like Vio's post:
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That is very interesting Vio, and something that I didn't know. I would have to assume that they had problems with trains making the sharp curve in the Initial mold and that is why they tried to correct it with the release of the latter mold.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Vio
Its not easy to spot this as the U Turns are extremely rare. I tested the faster trains on the old type but no trains were derailing. It could be for extra safety purposes. Interestingly the ends of the U Turn are marginally tighter so it is harder to fit it on the double tracks.

Another example of this mold change happens in the first generation big iron bridge where the latter type has its ends of the bridge diagonally cut, and the early type had flat vertical edges. The change was made so that the trains don't collide with the ends of the bridge while making a sharp turn in.

[Image: Ej5me01-Vg-AUh-ML9.jpg][Image: Ej5myfr-Vo-AIy1zf.jpg]

Another example is the Y rails. Left is newer, middle is old and right is oldest. The diverter is differently shaped, the joints are omnidirectional so if you flip it backwards it is still the same diverter layout.

[Image: 1111111111.png][Image: Untitled.png][Image: image.jpg]
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I didn't know about the 2 versions of the Big Iron Bridge. I have had a couple of these but the plastic had become so brittle with age that they pretty much easily broke apart while trying to use them. Tried repairing them with Super glues but the plastic didn't hold the Super Glue. So disappointed as I love the look at these rather than the red bridges we see plenty of today. Hey Plarail...why not bring this style of Bridge back and include it exclusively as part of a future special set....Plarail?...Plarail?...are you listening?

One thing I never noticed until I saw these 2 pictures was the added Pier Nubs (see photo) that appears to be for placing piers in a different position

I assume that changing the iron plates on the bridge was Plarail addressing issues with tracks & accessories that they didn't realize would happen in the initial releases. I assume that is also the case with those 'Y' Rails.

[Image: Ej5me01-Vg-AUh-ML9.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Finno, Vio
No re-release of the exact out of print products so far, except for the times where they transitioned to new power or a change in colour. Those nubs are useless as they don't even fit the straight rails proportion. Most of these mold changes happen during 1972, which is coincidentally the change of Plarail generation from Merry-Go-Round mark to Early Hikari-Go mar eras.
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Update Phantom Gem 9: Disney Deluxe Set ディズニーデラックスセット

Finally a new post in this thread after how many months passed.
Manufactured in 1968 for less than a year. Finally clear images returned to the internet after 52 years, it is now in our museum. This is one of the highest level of rarity among all the gems here.
This is the same period where first generation and second generation of Licca-chan dolls were manufactured.
It is manufactured 15 years before the opening of Tokyo Disneyland.
The TV show Disney Parade "ディズニーぱれーど" is printed on the box, but the TV show was never found on the internet and the TV archives, so the show is also a phantom gem. I will not talk too much of the show in here.
The base is Yuuenchi No. 2 Set, and all the classic Disney characters replaced the dolls.
It has a vinyl playmat, but it is lost here. Has stickers too.

[Image: Disney-DX-yoko.jpg][Image: Disney-DX-box.jpg][Image: Disney-DX-inside.jpg]
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