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Continuation of BigLobe Plarail Musuem
(05-11-2020, 03:47 AM)Vio Wrote: maybe 2 or 4 adaptors

Just confirmed it is 4.
I am always amazed to see items I have not seen before. Look at those crossing gates and that small intersection track piece

[Image: EXuf-Km9-Uc-AAc54h.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Those ones, I have seen them before. These are the initial type rail part accessory packs. They are sold in plastic bags, with the initial type Plarail Merry-Go-Mark header. They were hard to use in a layout and needs a lot of 1/8 rails. to cover up their sizes. Intersections are sky blue colour, and the size of a 1/8 rail.

There is the rare type of dark blue, very mysterious where it came from...
[Image: 2222.png]
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Phantom Gem 63: C-58じょうききかんしゃ C-58 Steam Locomotive

At first we were hesitant to group it here, but it is now the right time to do so. The single C-58 3 car set was manufactured around 1970-1973, but the C-58 Set was only released in 1972 for around 1 year. Both boxes are one of the most difficult ones to find today. With a estimated price of 33000+ yen for the 3 car set and 68000+ yen for the set version at the worst condition, it is still far cheaper than the C-62 and the Blue D-51 Kisha. It is the only steam locomotive with 6 red wheels, a C sized battery fits in the body, first generation siderods, and the tender car & upper body mold is based on the D-51 at that time. Passenger car bound for Ueno is found in other sets during that time too. It seems that production rate is normal during that time, but the number of survivors are gradually decreasing over time. It is hardly ever found on flea markets and auction sites today. Today it is a monster of a Plarail that is sought after by both antique collectors and steam locomotive enthusiasts.

[Image: ER8s-U7-NUw-AEau5.jpg][Image: i-img600x450-1570944104nnlzv4291652.jpg][Image: r-115-300x225.jpg][Image: r-116-300x225.jpg][Image: 777.png]
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I did see a set available I think a few months ago. I do see that turn table show up more than the set though. I always liked the look of the gantry in the middle but wondered if that is really feasible in real life. What amazes me is that the Turntable must be somewhat big if it can turn a steamer with its Tender.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I saw the 3 car set a month ago too, but the chassis was mistakenly mixed with another SL. But I did not see the set with the turntable at all this year. The turntable is a masterpiece, but it is way too common and the price is too high now... there is a reprint of the turntable in blue or green that uses diamond connectors and has less rail ports (for Thomas sets)
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