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Question about Japanese Auction Sites
Hi everyone, new member here. I had a few questions about the Japanese Auction Site/ Shipping Agent Site "Jauce." I was wondering if anyone that has used it could answer some of my questions. So first I was wanting to see if anyone has in fact had successful purchases from there? I also see that I need to deposit money into the website first before I can bid, is there usually a time frame I need to wait from when I deposit x amount to when I can start bidding? And lastly about shipping. If I were to buy a few different items from different sellers, the shipping agent site that does this, will I be charged for shipping per item or will it be combined all together? Anyone know how much the fee they charge for using their site usually is? I'm in the United States. I'm not new to overseas buying, Ive purchased from similar sites like TaoBao in the past but just wanted to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before bidding on Jauce. 
Thank you for reading and stay safe with everything going onSmile
Joe  Big Grin
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@Super, would you care to do the honors?? Lol
Play nice & have fun!!Smile
I would like to help but I only use Jauce for browsing the Yahoo Auctions and have not ever used them for any purchases. We do have many other Members who use Jauce exclusively and I hope they chime in with their details.

One question I can help with is the combined shipping. You will be charged for shipping within Japan from the Seller to the Jauce Warehouse. Once at the Warehouse they hold your items until you tell them which ones to pack into one box for shipping to the States. You can chose which method they use to ship (speed of delivery) but they do combine the shipping. Be warned that the more you buy the heavier and cost of the shipping to the States will be. Many have been shocked at how easily the charges add up. Another thing to keep in mind is the world situation right now that may curtail shipping from overseas.

As far as the Fees I hope someone that uses them can help you as I have always been confused as to Jauces Fees.

We have had many discussions here at BPT's about the use of Proxy Buying from Japan like these here.
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  • Finno
I use Jauce for certain purchases, I'm not all that exclusive though. If I'm looking for a certain item or part that isn't anywhere else I would use Jauce. I have encountered other sites that have what I want to get for future customs or an addition to the collection. Everytime I do Jauce, I go with EMS for my convenience. For me, it's a last resort if I can't find what I don't have yet on any other sites.
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depends on the country, you may be slapped with import duties.  It depends the total value of the combined shipping.  Custom always slap me with duties if the value of the parcel is worth more than 100 USD
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My country is one of them without import fees.
Making Customs, Filming Videos and looking for the purest engines. That's how I roll here on Blue Plastic Tracks.

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(04-05-2020, 06:44 AM)fauxwheeldrive7 Wrote: And lastly about shipping. If I were to buy a few different items from different sellers, the shipping agent site that does this, will I be charged for shipping per item or will it be combined all together? 

I've used Jauce a few times for hard to find rare items. It's complicated and expensive so as the others say, it's a last resort for me.

If I recall you have up to 30 days from when you purchase something to when you can get them to ship it to you so as you mention you can accumulate multiple purchases and combine them. Don't forget though, you pay the internal shipping within Japan for every item and then pay the shipping from Jauce warehouse to your final destination in the US.

Also, you must have enough credit in your Jauce account, pre-loaded, so you can bid on an item. But if the final shipping turns out to be more than you had pre-loaded you can add funds to make up the shortfall after winning an auction.

I always under estimate how much something will cost because of the currency conversion and conversion fees. Here's a breakdown of a purchase I made a while ago - the initial bid price was acceptable and I was happy to spend about $100 bucks but you will see the fees and shipping then loaded it up:

Initial Bid: 7,000¥
Amount saved: 850¥ (I won for a lower bid so got some yen back)
Fee for winning auction: 892¥
Local delivery charges: 810¥
Bank charges for auction: 300¥
International shipping & packing: 3,520¥

So my total transaction cost to me is 11,672¥ on an initial 7,000¥ bid. That's an extra AUD$70 bucks you need to allow for.

They actually have a service fee estimator and a delivery fee estimator. Check out both here:
Service fee Estimator
Delivery Fee Estimator

Also don't forget to check your card provider because for sure they will slug you with foreign conversion fees.

Good luck!
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Something I've always wondered about Jauce is what happens to your deposit if you end up not winning an auction? Can you get the deposit back, or is it stuck sitting there and you have to spend it on other things? I've read through the site in the past and that was never clear.
[-] The following 1 user Likes confusedanddelayed's post:
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You can get your deposit back.  Just go to the account tab and there is an option for refund.  You don't get your fees part back, but you can get money you have deposited back.
Jauce has a 60 day holding of won auctions for you to organise shipment.  This starts from when your item arrives at there warehouse, so very auction has a 60 day limit before fees will be charged.  At the moment it has been extended till the 30th September due to Covid-19.  Cost are free for this extra storage.
At the moment they can't send out anyway as most countries have closed there borders to post/couriers.  New Zealand being one of them.
Jauce and other version of this auction site are useful for only the very rare items you can not get in your country.  Sometimes what you bought is the cheap part.  Make sure you look to purchase over say a 30 day period and once they have all arrived in organise to ship them back. 
Be careful with the shipping costs in Japan.  Some people load up the shipping to cover the cost of the item.  Make sure you have a good look at whats on the site before dipping your finger in.
I hope this helps.
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  • confusedanddelayed, Super, Finno, chrisjo
Thanks. I've looked periodically, but never saw anything that I was willing to bid on. But knowing that you can get the deposit back is helpful to know.
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