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New 3D Engine Shell
(07-28-2020, 08:26 PM)chrisjo Wrote:
(07-28-2020, 05:39 AM)Super Wrote: Isn't the shell on backwards?

Not if you want the on/off switch to line up with the slot in the shell!

(07-28-2020, 09:59 AM)Nigels Wrote: What did you think of the TPU shell?

Interesting. At the moment I don't know how to clean it up, it's all too flexible for any kind of abrasive, and there are bendy/stretchy threads of filament to be removed somehow. I'm thinking about it. It also becomes charged with static electricity as soon as you start doing anything to it. Have you got a cat, or is all this hair from mine?!

Yes, the odd threads in the inside top of the shell are due to me not using any supports when printing it as frankly I wasn't sure how the supports would work with the flexible filament.  If I were printing one seriously I'd probably have a try with supports, although removing them might be challenging as well.

And, yes I do have a cat, a very curious white cat who is currently moulting - sorry about that lol!
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
(07-28-2020, 10:13 PM)Super Wrote: I assumed that they modeled it after the DE-10 in which case the long nose would have been the front

[Image: DSC05120.jpg]

Looking again at the original lister's page it didn't actually say what model it was meant to be, but looking at the cab it looks like it can operate in both directions and in the illustration shown on their page the connector is indeed at the 'long nose' end.  Maybe that was just convenience though as if you had the shell the other way round the switch would be in a very awkward place and probably need some form of extension to make it accessible to turn it on/off (I had a similar issue with another shell I was working on and did go for the switch extension idea)...
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
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