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Bijomaru's YouTube videos
Emily sloping rail set.

[Image: takara-tomy-pla-rail-thomas-friends-emil...23f5cd.jpg]
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Thank you Drew Smile
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(06-24-2020, 12:30 AM)bijomaru78 Wrote: Yep, taking all the suggestions on board and sometimes have to adapt them to our circumstances. All very much appreciated nonetheless. I still have another plan for the shed walls, but will keep it perhaps for another video. For the mountain I was going to use a blanket, as someone else used in their videos (not sure if it was yourself or another member her). But for the lack of appropriately coloured blanket, we've decided to use all the plush toys we have. I thought that will be something different and funny to see Smile

I have to admit that the derailed wagon wasn't intentional, and I only realised halfway through filming but decided to keep it that way. I've been thinking about our builds and video editing before and while all attempts are made to make it as good as possible, those little errors make our builds a little more realistic. I'm not a professional filmmaker, and my son isn't a master track builder (yet), so we just have to do our best while having fun in the process.

I'd love to use some background illustrations and actually had that idea before, but currently have no means of doing that. I'll try to show in one of the videos how I've painted our kids' room when we moved int. It's full of valleys, mountains, forests and a lake, as well as lots of things happening around, but it's around 1.5m above ground level, so can't really use it for rail tracks scenery. But definitely planning to do something on a smaller scale in the future.

I've realised at some point that the blue area is meant to be water, and we even had a boat for it (!), but can't find it right now. Will keep that in mind next time. And definitely on the lookout for more trains and certainly the motorised vehicles, although they seem to be very rare.

I'd love to find more suitable audio tracks that are royalty-free. We're using YouTube's library and tracks that are often used in other similar videos on channels we follow. We'd definitely like to have our own style for the music, but that's kind of difficult in finding good music in that theme.

Next video, this time shorter, of the Tomy Train Your Town set is scheduled to go live today, and I've tried something new there, so hopefully you'll like that too Smile

Thanks for all the feedback and comments!

Thank you very much for listening and appreciating the advice (and making compromises wherever needed). I did remember how you compared the walls to the exterior of the Swindon Works and thought they would be "a perfect fit", if that's still what you intend to use them for; Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with them.

Oh, that wasn't me; I've never shown any layouts or used the blanket/towel method. I recall seeing blankets in ToyTrains4U's (and possibly Muddy Poppins') videos, but I've forgotten other major examples of them. If you were to have them, they could've been used to cover up track risers on the hills.

I didn't necessarily refer to drawn/painted scenery backgrounds, but mainly to placement of existing accessories (and a few custom ones) in ways that reflect actual places from TV episodes or Railway Series books. Going by the current situation, that should be a whole lot easier to do. The specially painted room sounds totally magnificent for it. If there's a large adult height table in there, I wouldn't expect problems with the scenery in relation to track sections or actual circuits; Back when the TV Series was filmed instead of being CGI, the sets were mounted on large tables in massive studios with similar painted walls (albeit only with skies and clouds). Many fan modelers have replicated that in various ways with varying results. It shall be equally wonderful to see the room once it's revealed, as well as any small scale variants of the idea.

That wasn't really a boat, but a barge named Bulstrode. He never had anything to do with Cranky and was only used in merchandise because there are no sentient cargo/passenger ships. In fact, he was beached forever only a few minutes after his only appearance. Good luck finding the other motorized characters (and the generic ones).

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