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Recent FB purchase
Yes but what is it?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I'll be cleaning those today. Need to work out how the elevator works as well. I can see two magnets in the base but nothing in the stairs.

Also, just picked up another bag of stuff, mainly for the flexible track pieces. I paid £10 for the load, which is great considering one of those tracks on eBay is £10 alone.

I think I'm addicted ?

[Image: FF981726-73-BF-4-BA7-B301-D396107606-C6.jpg]

[Image: F5-E6-D6-B5-C202-47-EC-A1-C7-CB1-FA314-A772.jpg]
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[Image: mr-burns-evil-laugh-smiley-emoticon.gif] Our plan is working
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Ok finally cleaned and sorted the £20 box of vintage trains. Here are all the rails and accessories included. The station set was cleaned separately so will post that tomorrow once it’s built. Sadly the escalator stairs aren’t working. I took it apart to see what’s wrong. Unfortunately the small plastic dogs in the spring mechanism are broken. Can still be used in a manual way.

One of the trains isn’t running so need to get some spare motors ordered from eBay and will get to repairs.

[Image: AE7-DA868-9-EBA-4308-8-E06-ACE40-C5-E00-B7.jpg]
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You know what the best part of the entire picture is.....that great smile on your son's face. Smile

What is this 'escalator' you are referring to???
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I found this video showing the functions of this set. Look around 8m25s mark for the escalator.

My son loves being involved in all that work and I’m happy to include him if it makes him happy Smile
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I get it now, thanks Bijo.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(06-16-2020, 09:33 AM)bijomaru78 Wrote:
Ah yes, we've had that video linked on here before, in relation to the Tomy Train talking station. Note the plug for BPT towards the end!
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(06-16-2020, 09:33 AM)bijomaru78 Wrote: I found this video showing the functions of this set. Look around 8m25s mark for the escalator.

That Train & Bus station is awesome! Moving magnets under the platform, an escalator that moves when a figure is placed on it, a UK themed destination board 'and' an arrivals display that rings when it changes? Any average mid-late '80s child who didn't play an NES would've had to be flat out hooked on this. It would've been even better if the escalator were a conveyor belt so it would work more like an actual one. Hopefully you could find a way to get yours to work as intended.
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  • Super, Mister No
There's no way I can repair the original mechanism. So unless I find a spare, I will need to think of something else.

In the meantime picked up these rarities on FB. 60 mile return trip, but we'll worth it.

[Image: 4504-F704-4-BC8-4-B6-E-ADF5-D33-BE328856-F.jpg]

[Image: 8-FF78-AA8-2-A85-456-B-B194-23-BC56-F9-CC56.jpg]

[Image: C23191-AC-B842-43-C9-9470-67-D719-BFDEFF.jpg]

[Image: 65-E82500-91-F4-4-FEB-B090-4-DC9-C1-E08-EBA.jpg]
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You have really hit the Jackpot in Tomy/Plarail purchases from FaceBook in your area Bijo.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • bijomaru78
Good luck finding a cheap spare one in good condition (though I still think it could be an opportunity to build something better to replace it).

I remember that type of double deck coach you got with the first suburban train; Being from a country that has them, I once had the idea to get some of those and repaint them as Bombardier double deck coaches (the Sunrise Express coach is more accurate by a longshot). Once I could find out how to remove/duplicate coach and truck wheels and axles, I could just build my own ones in the right dimensions. Pity about those yellow and red (Dr. Yellow) wheels that ruin the look on all three of them compared to the others (I never got what they were thinking with those).

Now that you have a second James, what would become of the one that came in the first lot? I'd suggest customizing the previous one and finding the detailed versions of the other four engines to match him and Henry (as long as they both work).
The top of the orange one is like a crane/scissor lift and can hold a figure. The blue piece is meant to be a light i think, as it has a reflective sticker on it.

Nice vintage haul!
my website address has changed:
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Thanks for the explanation Sun. Can the scissor lift be extended?

Are you Okay? We miss you around here.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
For the broken piece in elevator mechanism, I've found someone doing small 3d prints, so with a bit of luck that part isn't small enough to be reprinted. Will have to see if that's possible, otherwise will think of something else.

The scissor lift can be extended and rotated to a small degree. I will record close-ups of those since they're pretty rare and upload to my channel soon.

For now, I've scheduled a short video of the Vintage set to go live today. Will post it on the YT thread once it's up and will leave a link here too. Tried something we haven't done before, so should be fun little video to watch Smile

Vintage Tomy Trains Your Town - Build and play


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