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Recent FB purchase
Thanks for the info on the scissor lift Bijo. Sure hope you can get the elevator working.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I am all good, super, just been busy and less in the plarail game than before.

Bijo, is your set complete? Mine is missing the newspaper bundles and 2 of the mail sacks, if memory serves.
my website address has changed:
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I believe so. It has 3 of each.

The newspaper bundles and mail sacks, however, were renamed by my son to 'presents' and 'sausages' respectively and he won't accept them being called otherwise Big Grin
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  • Muddy Poppins, chrisjo, sunhuntin
"Presents and Sausages"  I got a good laugh out of that Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Muddy Poppins
Recent FB £5 pickup. We had the green tracks with the 'coded messages' before but not had a train that was using them. So when I saw this I messaged the seller immedately. When we unpacked it to play with it, it turned out the train was broken and despite the motor turning and passing the movement to the wheels, putting the train down resulted in something skipping and it not going forward.

Took it apart and after all the cogs fell out Big Grin I found the drive axle's cog was snapped and loose on the axle. I could just superglue it but there's a gap between the teeth and it won't run as it should. For now I've used another axle from some spares I have. Still not matching the blue colour of the engine, but will get that sorted soon. For now, it works.

[Image: IMG-3361.jpg] [Image: IMG-3362.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3358.jpg] [Image: IMG-3359.jpg]
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  • Tharazero1, Super, DalaGStanator
Besides the gear problem which looks like you took care of, that set looks in great shape and a steal at 5 pound sterling. Excellent find Bijo. Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • bijomaru78
A complete Talk 'n' Action Magic Rail Set?! I'm surprised how many of those tend to turn up. The thing with the gears is a very common problem with those engines compared to their normal counterparts. Ripley802 (one of our members) specializes in Talk 'n' Action and made several threads on how to repair them, but here's hoping your solution will last long enough. Either way, it was worth finding the complete set like this for only £5 and on Facebook.

Side note: I like how those mats give the illusion of fields by having bright shades on one side and dark on the other. Great presentation.
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Facebook freebies and purchases continued Smile Sounds like we're buying out all the Plarail stock in the 10 miles radius Big Grin But there's a few more offers, just not that attractive in terms of parts for the price.

First one is 2 free boxes we've picked up. Free is always good, right? Added bonus, is the 'My First ...' kit for our 1 year old to get him started.
[Image: IMG-4561.jpg]

And a pullback trains which I didn't know existed which again are kind of fun for a small and quick track to have fun with, without building anything huge.
[Image: IMG-4560.jpg]

Next up, This load for £50. Mainly bought for the yellow supports, double tracks, inclines and trains. Another 200 round curves which some of I will have to sell, as we just don't need that many (we're are over 400 of those now).
[Image: IMG-4460.jpg][Image: IMG-4463.jpg]

Here's a close-up of what was in those bags.
[Image: 124374252-10161761712508647-2932130974260305910-o.jpg] [Image: 124434116-10161761712638647-7563002396706540245-o.jpg] [Image: 124438239-10161761712583647-6970788649229499415-o.jpg] [Image: 124441612-10161761713688647-3673868881871602402-o.jpg] [Image: 124447407-10161761712488647-3556745830063504170-o.jpg] [Image: 124453803-10161761714618647-1325436429048232847-o.jpg] [Image: 124523034-10161761717033647-4647497317261355639-o.jpg] [Image: 124547081-10161761716213647-7320571850101945965-o.jpg] [Image: 124548643-10161761715413647-8087699581115338944-o.jpg] [Image: 124569742-10161761712533647-3091356867377871556-o.jpg]

There were 3 parts there which we have no idea what those are. Does anyone recognise them as being part of the Plarail/Tomy family?
[Image: IMG-4462.jpg]
Wow what great pick ups Bj but out of all that stuff you scored on, my favorite is the smiles on the face of your son Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(11-24-2020, 09:01 PM)bijomaru78 Wrote: There were 3 parts there which we have no idea what those are. Does anyone recognise them as being part of the Plarail/Tomy family?
Tomy Aurora AFX slot-car track supports.
The excitement is intense from the moment we pick these things up all the way until unpacking and building something from these parts. With that much stuff we'll have to think about doing some huge layout around Christmas when work will hopefully ease up a little and I'll have more time to spend with him during the daytime.

Thank you, wasn't even aware of these. Will have to find someone who's willing to take them off my hands as we'll probably have no use for those.

(08-04-2020, 12:51 AM)DalaGStanator Wrote: Side note: I like how those mats give the illusion of fields by having bright shades on one side and dark on the other. Great presentation.

Somewhat intentional as I wanted some green background for the track, but didn't expect the different shades to work so well. However, building and playing on those was a pain as they're too soft for that sort of thing. I guess time to source some green blanket imitating grass and that would take our builds one step up. Time to scour FB marketplace I think Smile
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Tomy Train 1 and Tomy Train 3 sets.

Found those two boxes going cheap locally. He's having great time with the crane and I'm loving the lights actually glowing red and green while they link up with a start/stop rail.

Both train engines need some work as the gears skip, but I should be able to fix it. Similar issue that we had in the Euro Tunnel train.
[Image: 1571722-A-236-C-4-E95-BBEB-C4089-B650541.jpg]
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  • chrisjo, Super, Muddy Poppins
What a great smile Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
He genuinely loves it Big Grin We just had his quarterly report from the nursery. His favourite toys to play with? ... Train set! Smile
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Report Card

Math - C
History - B
Science - C
Playing with Trains - A++++
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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