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Recent FB purchase
More more more!  Big Grin  Couple of trains from December and a bigger batch picked up last weekend.

[Image: Photo-Room-20210119-132403.jpg] [Image: Photo-Room-20210119-132449.jpg]

[Image: Photo-Room-20210119-114130.jpg] [Image: Photo-Room-20210119-120908.jpg]

Particularly happy with the new stuff like the underground station, large crossing and the new trains:
500 Series Shinkansen (x2) - one running with headlights, one needs the motor replaced. Already got spares so will fix before the next video
E2 Series Shinkansen Asama "J" set - 10th Anniversary Edition apparently, based on eBay
Ginza Line E1 EMU with headlights
N700 Series Shinkansen - front and rear car only
700 Series Shinkansen - rear car only, lights operated as wheels turn
NEX Narita Express (this will be our third) - sadly spilt battery so needs a lot of clean up, but it's still running!
East i E926 Shinkansen, again just front and rear car

Plus loads of tracks!

I think we need to find a bigger place to build our next large layout. Got a garage that would be perfect for it, but need to wait until it gets warm and dry.
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Nice load Bijo. I like the idea of a garage Layout.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Seeing those two tunnels stacked with the station on top made me think they were a building until I zoomed in. I don't recall seeing a different variant of the metal bell crossing where the base is wider and the signal box faces the track. It looks a bit better than the one I'm familiar with and have one of, so I'd like to know what set comes with it. Are the big grey risers meant for that cyan straight with the walls? The wide trim around the bottom doesn't make them look good for stacking. Looking forward to seeing your plans for the garage once the conditions get better.
The bell crossing is the Tomica Hypercity variant that links up with the plastic sidewalk. It came in the Hypercity 85207 Bumper Track Pack:
[Image: image.png]
The grey risers and pale blue rail are parts of Hypercity 85200 Overhead Crossing. Also in 85407 Metropolis Set.

[Image: image.png]

Both have Plarail equivalents, of course.

[Image: image.png] [Image: image.png]

For some reason unknown to me, the UK market is still awash with crates of 85200 BNIB, you can pick them up for almost nothing, along with container-loads of clear tunnels 85201 and pavement packs 85203.
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Quite a lot of my clear tunnels, of which I have many, came from the UK as they aren't readily available in the States.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Super is spot on with the answers. We do get plenty of certain parts in the UK, and then everything else is rare, and only when someone has imported stuff. These are the ones I try to hunt the most.

Those trims on the grey support are basically pavements that attach to the rest of the Tomica city range. If we ever get more buildings we will certainly include them in a set.
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