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Trackmaster Yellow Talking Victor
While looking for stuff, i found my old talking yellow victor. Decided to post it because its a very weird item and i never see anyone talk about it. I need to find his battery cover and he is very noisy when he is running.
[Image: trackmaster-yellow-victor.jpg]
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  • Tharazero1, DalaGStanator, BradyLikesTrains, Super
AOF04 actually sought advice on how to repair his, but his didn't move at all. If you can acquire a triangle head screwdriver in the right size, you might want to see if one of Custom TrackMasters' tutorials could help you find and replace the cracked gear. There's no such video for the Talking Victor yet, but he shouldn't be too different compared to Gordon, Henry and Spencer. Hope this helps.

Given that his battery truck is identical to Talking Salty's, you could perhaps get the cover from that if you want the original look. Otherwise, any Talking battery truck/tender cover should fit since they all have the same core design.
Mine doesn't have any problems though, although he did almost have a dive off my desk Confused. But i will keep this in mind, Thanks!
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  • chrisjo, Super, Tharazero1
Him being very noisy may be due to a split gear especially the one directly on the motor shaft.. I am not sure what type of drive motor is in a talking Victor though.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Hmmmm, i'll have to check that out. Might have to pull out another talking engine to check.
I have one too, but he has an noisy gear. I remember getting it when it was recently realesed.
I have one of these I really wanted it when it first came out it's such a neat item!

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