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Tomica World/Plarail/Trackmaster Motor Types
A couple of weeks ago I typed up a Google Document containing most if not all Plarail and Trackmaster loco motor types. There are instructional videos on how to disassemble and repair them for some of the motors. There are some bits of missing information that still need to be added to the document but if you have any information or suggestions for the doc, please share it and I'll add it to the doc.
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
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Since the document will help those who have Thomas engines more than Plarail collectors in general, this thread should be renamed and moved to the "Trackmaster Thomas and Friends" board. That is, unless you're willing to look for other Plarail releases with the same drive units. For example, the "Thomas type" is also in the Winnie the Pooh Fun Fair Train Set engine, the Disney Dream Railway steamers (the ones with this shape) and the old Hello Kitty and Doraemon engines. Ucwepn's reviews of non Thomas trains might help you identify more instances of the drive units you've listed (as well as the other types). Anyway, I have some minor omissions to add to the existing lists (within the Thomas range):
  • Thomas type: Powered Annie (Steam Along/2004 Talking Thomas), Ferdinand (*), Plarail Nia
  • Flat type: Proteus [if Yellow Rheneas is listed, he should be too], Flora, Den, Stafford, Green Salty, Diesel (2012)
  • Newer Remote Control (Fisher Price): Diesel 10, Victor
  • Other types: Forward/Reverse Thomas (Plarail Search and Rescue set), Plarail Streamlined Thomas/Shooting Star (2 speed variant of "Plarail standard")
Also, there are no Plarail versions of Scruff, Hank and Paxton. Hope this helps.
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  • FfarquharDeveloper
An excellent List Ffar...well done.

[Image: huge-thumbs-up-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • FfarquharDeveloper
Thanks laG, I'll be sure to add more of the motor types and more engines to the doc as time goes on and if more motors are identified along with the engines the motors go in/with.
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
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September 28th, 2020 Update

- Information Section added
- Who to contact (me) added
    - Please send me a Message here if you want to suggest any edits to the doc.
- More Locos added
    - Mainly Disney/Non Thomas Locos
- More Drive Units added
- Sources added (forgot to add them first time round)
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
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TnA Henry, TnA Gordon, & TnA Diesel 10 use the same motor as TnA James. TnA Toby uses the same motor as TnA Thomas and TnA Percy. Plarail Rebecca uses the same motor as Plarail Hurricane. And the freight car that came in the recent Plarail Real Steam Thomas uses the same type of drive unit as Molly and Murdoch.

If Plarail comes out with Duchess, it will probably be the same as the 2018 Edward and 2018 Henry. For Kenji, it will probably be a typical 2 speed Shinkasen motor.
Making Customs, Filming Videos and looking for the purest engines. That's how I roll here on Blue Plastic Tracks.

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Are you sure Diesel 10 didn't have a modified Clam Shell? I mentioned Toby when asking to add the TnA Thomas Type, and Rebecca was already on the list when I first saw the doc. I was going to claim the 2016 Bertie had the Flat Type but didn't mention him since I couldn't confirm it (though it's most likely the right one). When referring to the motor types, call them the same terms used for the section headers in the guide (i.e., "Linked Tender" instead of "same motor as original Gordon"). Also, predictions for the upcoming characters are irrelevant here.
2016 Bertie does use the flat type iirc
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
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  • DalaGStanator
September 29th, 2020 Update

- Links to the Official Plarail Website and Blueplastictracks added in the event somebody needs to find out the answer to a question or, has a question that they cannot figure out.
- More Locos added
    - Mostly Non-Fiction locos
    - Moved Cars 2 Stephenson to Fictional
    - Added "Uses AA Battery" to the starred C drive locos that didn't have them.
- More Drive Units added
    - Almost all 2 Speed Drive Units

Last updated 2:25 PM Eastern on 9/29/2020
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
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Thanks for the BPT's shout out Link on your page Ffar. [Image: happy-yes-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I don't know if this is enough info for you on your search for the motor in the Thomas Forward and Reverse Search and Rescue Motor
But at about the 4:00 mark in this Ucwepn video shows the motor which is a tad bigger that the regular Thomas type motor

[Image: Untitwwled.jpg]

[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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