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Iron Duke from an Emily
YouTuber Custom Trackmaster is known for his repair videos and custom trains. Here he has taken an Emily and turned her into an Iron Duke. What is awesome is that somehow he has made Emily's Large engine wheel into the a drive wheel and cut down what use to be the powered tender where I assume there is no motor but just a place for the battery. With other customs he makes he usually follows up an introductory video with a 'Making of Video' which I hope he does as I am very curious as to how he achieved this. What do you all think?

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What a strange twist with the way it is powered, but I'm sure I know how it was done. The whole drive unit can't be adapted to Emily's chassis as is, so he took out the actual motor and put it in the loco after adding a gear to the unpowered drivers. That would also explain how it's much quieter than any Flat drive. Hopefully that means it would be possible to convert most tender drive engines to be loco drive the same way (which would be great news for those who don't like them). One big downside is having no transmission would reduce their performance and prevent free wheeling, but the latter is only a minor issue. Still impressive.
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What I find odd is that it looks like he used Emily's original non-motorized chassis but his custom one is at an angle whereas the original is level. Its almost like he had to lower the big wheels axle to accommodate his motor modification. I really hope we get to see how he did this.
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Here it is "Inside Custom Iron Duke" Brilliant!

Using this same idea, one could now power their Emily's big wheels and make it an engine powered model rather than Tender powered. You wouldn't cut the Tender down, simply remove the motor a gearing and re-install the hollow shell creating a battery compartment with the on/off switch. Wonder how well she would run with the powered big wheel...might it come off the rails?

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