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As kindly suggested, I will group anything North American in this thread heading. Clearly, the predominant interest here is BPR, and that is very new to me, excepting one thing: and that being the PBS series “TTTE” was what planted the seed in my head, long before digitalization was commercially available. Eh, warning, I shoot a lot of these videos. Simply because it’s a gas. Start by reposting this, and no more double posting, I promise.

Armodilloville. Initially inspired by TTTE series back in the Dark Pre Binary Days, follows a variety of North American model railroading. For twenty years I was a member of a local model train Club, that had its genesis in 1950. I joined it in 1996. I recently disenjoined it, not because of Covid, but it was time to let the new administration enjoy doing it their way. In those forthcoming videos, if the trains belong to someone else, they will be clearly identified as such. These days, I divide my attention between the North American “Armodilloville” and the OO British “Henley.”

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Just love your Layout Chops, so much going on in such a small space. I really like that real electric Bus, is it custom made? I got a good chuckle when seeing the Cows herded right into the Hamburger Joint. Can't get any fresher than that. The Partridge Family bus is cool to. Is that an HO model or maybe diecast?

Ah...haven't heard Peter, Paul and Mary in years...thanks for the memory.

[Image: Untitledbg.jpg]

[Image: Usntithhled.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I really enjoyed seeing this layout! The little boxcab locomotive is especially cool and you can never go wrong with an EMD switcher on your roster.

If I ever live in a place with adequate room, my plan is to build a small, post-war era HO layout. I’ve collected the motive power but decided I needed one more Kato built Atlas Alco RS11. I have also made a start on rolling stock, structures, and the like. Seeing Armadilloville inspires me to keep, well, “chugging along” on my project!
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Wow! A trolleybus!  Heart
We don't see trolleybuses on layouts often!
Very nice!
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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Thanks, the trolley bus is vintage Einheim, circa 1960. Fairly easy to find on eBay as NOS. Marketed under different labels, this one being “South Street.”

Having a Canadian childhood, I have a weakness for that which is Canadian.

“Jade Fog” and “Fogite” are the intellectual and creative property of a friend at Teddybear Sports Wear and Promotions, used by permission.
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Wow, you are right...I see there are several of those Trolley Buses on Ebay. What voltage does it use...12?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
It can use either 12 DC or 16 AC. There is some unique aspect of the motor that permits this, I am afraid I don’t know just how that works. I use DC, and am reluctant to use AC for fear of toasting the delicate antique motor, having done so once.
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More inspiration from the Island of Sodor.

(10-30-2020, 01:53 PM)Chops Wrote: It can use either 12 DC or 16 AC. There is some unique aspect of the motor that permits this, I am afraid I don’t know just how that works. I use DC, and am reluctant to use AC for fear of toasting the delicate antique motor, having done so once.

I wonder if using a lower voltage DC would slow the bus down some.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I really enjoyed the video with the Canadian trains. I presume the red CP locomotive is an SD7/SD9 but I can’t quite identify the CN loco. It looks like an Alco (or MLW, since it’s Canadian) Century series but that’s the best I can manage.

The double cab electric switcher in the Fogomania video also has me intrigued. What’s the background info on that one?

CN has a pretty significant presence where I live, so my kids and I often railfan their main line through the area. They’ve used a pretty diverse roster in the time we’ve watched them but sadly, nothing quite like the engines in your “Bugged Out” video.
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Yes, lower voltage does slow it down some, and it travels reasonably well, except that it tends to overheat when kept at a lower voltage too long. In doing so I burned the antique motor of one bus, and had to replace it.  Angry  I do try to slow it down when I can get my hands 
free, typically there are three to four trains, including the bus running simultaneously, and two trains are in danger of imminent collision if 
I am distracted. 

I do believe that is an SD9. I don't have an overabundance of natural talent, so I slopped some red paint over an existing shell, by brush, and did my best to tease on some decals. Not awful from a distance, but would not stand scrutiny. Runs suitably well. 

Eric was asking about an overview of Armodilloville, so I cobbled this bit together this afternoon. The thing is constantly getting upgraded or changed about, so by next week it will probably have even more stuff, and some in different places. The airplane actually, flies, but will need a separate transformer wired into it, as the nine volt battery I attached sends it into hyperspeed and the battery drains out in about five minutes. 

Again, the inspiration of the thing largely comes from TTTE. There is a connection to what you fellows, and gals,  are doing supremely well.  Smile

Another one, done a week or two ago, a Covid spoof, I try to laugh at my problems, when possible, paired to the Alan Parsons Project. 

The orange, center cabbed shunter, was an AHM 4 wheel job
painted for the Hooker Chemical Company out of Niagra Falls, NY. 
I had it around for some years, and never quite thrilled with its
poor performance characteristics I sold it on eBay for a pittance
and replaced it with something else, that will show up here 
eventually, I think. 

Two other double cabbed locomotives are the MDC Box Cab switcher, after a 1900 dockside switcher, no longer in production, and a mystery electric locomotive, also painted for the Hooker Company. 

I have no doubt that the authors of the Hooker Chemical paint scheme had great fun tormenting mothers and wives, everywhere.
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At the 1:00 minute mark in "Tour Time" the Trolley Bus is moving at a much more realistic speed...slow for city streets...I like it.

Eww...did the T-Rex throw-up?

[Image: Untsweitled.jpg]

Is the wooden framework over the Layout for a dust cover when not playing?

[Image: Untreitled.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Hey Chops, thanks for the information!

Now I know what to look out for when trying to avoid COVID. Big Grin Wish I’d known that back in July!

More great looking locomotives and trains BTW. All those billboard box cars reminds me of growing up in the 70s with all the Tyco, Bachmann and AHM sets. I don’t miss the wonky locomotives but at least everything LOOKED cool! The standouts for me in the COVID bug video were the dark green Central Vermont GP7 (or GP9, depending on which box they came in) and the blue Boston & Maine GP38(?).
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Yes, wooden frame covered with a painter’s tarp when not in use. El Paso notoriously dusty, especially when the wind blows. I believe that is an autumnal tree viewed from above. Blush

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(11-05-2020, 04:54 PM)Chops Wrote: Yes, wooden frame covered with a painter’s tarp when not in use.

Ah...yes, Dust...the bane of every train Layout. Dodgy

So the taste of the little villagers didn't upset the T-Rex's stomach Smile

BTW: are the Armodillos a Local High School in your area or maybe where you went to school??
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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