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Cancelled Hit TrackMaster releases.
This information is around a year old now but thought I'd bring it on here anyways.

Flip-Face Gordon was meant to be released individually, while Daisy was also meant to be released but never got released due to Hit wondering if they should give Daisy Rolling Stock or not.
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Thank you Ffar...I certainly had no idea about HiT's intentions on anything. A good read, thanks for sharing Smile
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I knew about the flip face engines being realesed around 2009-10 (if the show didn't really change from models to CGI), but I had no idea about them being realesed individually. So, that means that the only flip face engines that were realesed were talking thomas, james and lost and found hiro? What if the other flip face engines were realesed with accesories?
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I really would've loved to see Hit Release Flip-Face Gordon and Daisy.
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It's sad that it's now up to us to make what hasn't been done officially, especially given what Mattel wants to do with the franchise now.
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Daisy is no longer a prominent character any more.  The chance of seeing a trackmaster Daisy is next to nil.  I do however am grateful that at least 2 people created 3D printed Daisy shell.
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