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Angry powerful gordon
Hello All,

Might buy a beat up cosmetically powerful angry Gordon. The car is chipped/discolored as well as the main body of Gordon. Gordons face is fine. Can I take Gordons face off and put it on a regular Gordons body of the same year. Then replace the car with the regular new one?

Basically angry Gordon has a good chassis, motor, wheels axle and face. I want to replace the cosmetic part. Is this doable?
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Should be. However there are different parts of the chassis that are different to a normal plarail gordon, so you won't have the originality aspect of it
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Yes, it is doable, but you will probably run into a few issues. I ran into them when restoring my original Powerful Gordon.
[Image: HNI-0002-zpsyhax4cjo.jpg]

The unique parts of Powerful Gordon are the smokebox (really the face), all the weights inside, the bottom plate of the running board/chassis assembly (it is dated 2001 and has the old curvey Tomy logo, because it predates the actual redesigned Gordon, and no other Gordon uses this mold - the 2003+ has the new logo and 2002 date while older red running board ones will have the original 1996 date), the weights, motor, and two of the gearbox gears, and the back coupling on the tender. Look for one without chips on the bottom edges of the cylinders, they chip often, two of mine are and a third is cracked and nearly broken off.

The Gordon shell of the day yellows and cracks easily, unfortunately. There are two 2000s Gordon shells, the older PG era one has a poor plastic mix that yellows, and by the time they fixed it the shell had been updated to have the wheel arch lining moved from inside the arches to the actual rim lining
[Image: IMG-20201002-161450.jpg]
(note the forming crack on the bottom right corner of the PG's cylinder)

Basically, you'll have to be darn lucky in finding a good unyellowed shell or try restoring a yellowed one - that's what I'll be trying to do soon - or use an inaccurate later 2000s one
[Image: IMG-20201121-105558.jpg]

The flexible engine to coupling tender is the 90s style white with no heat shrink tubing. The tender top can be replaced with a modern unyellowed one. The back coupling looks like this, which is basically unobtainable outside of Powerful Gordon or his original coach.
[Image: IMG-20201114-201157.jpg]

Overall the problematic things are finding a good condition original bottom plate, an unyellowed replacement body shell, and the original back coupling.
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Thanks Thara and Duck Smile

AJ, you may also be interested in a couple of Threads by member 'Powerful Gordon Mike'
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
If you are only looking to put a powerful Gorden face on a regular Gorden then this might be a good option.

These videos might be helpful too.
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Thanks Jessie
Yes, those videos are all from member Powerful Gordon Mike and he is the one selling the Face you Linked to on Ebay.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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