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Tomica World Motor Vehicles
A List of Tomica World Motorized Vehicles
with some notes that may be of interest.

Nineteen different Tomica motorized vehicles were issued outside Japan under the Tomica World brand. Twelve of the nineteen were sold as individual items in blister packs with four-digit reference numbers in the 74nn and 75nn series. Of these twelve, four were also included in road/rail sets. The remaining seven were only available as part of a road/rail set.

Each different model of motorized vehicle has a TW number and a name printed on the underside. In some cases the name printed on the vehicle is different from the name on the blister pack, for example the red Nissan 300ZX has TW-06 NISSAN printed on the vehicle, but on the packaging it is 7475 SPORTS CAR (as well as equivalents in French, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish).
[Image: TW-06-pack-500x800.jpg] [Image: TW-06-5x3.jpg] [Image: TW-06-reverse-500x800.jpg]

Tomica World existed as a brand between 1998 and 2002. All the Tomica World vehicles are versions of the Tomica B series (B/O Tomica 1993-96) or A series (Motor Tomica 1997-99), re-labeled, re-numbered, and in some cases re-decorated for the international market.

TW-01 POLICE CAR(E), Ref.No. 7478, is a Nissan ZX300 based on the Nissan Fairlady Z Patrol Car B-02 (フェアレディZ パトロールカー), 1993.
[Image: TW-01-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-01-5x3.jpg] [Image: B-02-box.jpg]

TW-01 is also included in three sets: 7420 Basic Set, 7426 Super Set, and 7431 Basic Set (revised version).
[Image: 7420-box.jpg] [Image: 7426-box.jpg] [Image: 7431-box.jpg]

TW-02 POLICE CAR(A) was only sold as part of U.S. Patrol Set 7414. It’s a Nissan ZX300 based on the Nissan Fairlady Z Patrol Car B-02(フェアレディZ パトロールカー), 1993.
[Image: TW-02-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-02-5x3.jpg] [Image: 7414-box.jpg]

I’m speculating that the (E) in TW-01 and the (A) in TW-02 stand for Europe and America respectively, since TW-01 is a British police car, and TW-02 is a US patrol car.

TW-03 ZOO-BUS was only sold as part of Large Set 7421. It’s based on the Amusement Park Bus A-06 (遊園地バス), 1997, but with different animals. The earlier B-14 had white wheels.
[Image: 009.jpg] [Image: TW-03-5x3.jpg]
[Image: 7421-box.jpg] [Image: A-06-Box.jpg]

TW-04 TOYOTA TOWNACE was only sold as part of Mega Set 7422, and appears to be the same as the Toyota TownAce Noah A-12 (トヨタ タウンエースノア), 1997.
[Image: TW-04-5x4-a.jpg] [Image: TW-04-5x3.jpg]

[Image: TW-04-box.jpg] [Image: A-12.jpg]

TW-05 CRANE TRUCK, Ref.No. 7479, is the same as the Truck Crane B-18 (トラッククレーン車), 1993.
[Image: TW-05-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-05-5x3.jpg] [Image: B-18-box.jpg]

TW-05 was also included in Super Deluxe Set 7423.
[Image: TW-05-box.jpg]
TW-06 NISSAN, Ref.No. 7475 SPORTS CAR, is a Nissan 300ZX, almost the same as the Nissan Fairlady Z A-09 (ニッサン フェアレディZ), 1997, except that it’s red rather than white. Although the earlier B-01 is red, it does not have the 300ZX logos on the doors.
[Image: TW-06-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-06-5x3.jpg] [Image: A-09-box.jpg]
TW-06 was also included in Deluxe Set 7433 and the (Tomica World USA) 1st Avenue Set 4820.
[Image: TW-06-box-a.jpg] [Image: TW-06-box-b.jpg]
TW-07 AMBULANCE, Ref. No. 7471, is based on the Toyota Estima Ambulance B-04 (トヨタ エスティマ 救急車 ), 1993.
[Image: TW-07-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-07-5x3.jpg] [Image: B-04-box.jpg]
TW-08 TAXI, Ref. No. 7470, is based on the Toyota Crown Majesta Taxi B-06 (トヨタ クラウン マジェスタ タクシー), 1993.
[Image: TW-08-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-08-5x3.jpg] [Image: B-06-box.jpg]
TW-09 DUMP TRUCK, Ref. No. 7474, is based on the Nissan Atlas Dump Truck A-10 (ニッサン アトラス ダンプトラック), 1997. The earlier B-08, though blue, lacks the painted detail and the NISSAN logo below the windshield.
[Image: TW-09-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-09-5x3.jpg] [Image: A-10-box.jpg]
TW-10 FIRE ENGINE, Ref. No. 7472, is the same as Ladder Fire Engine A-08 (はしご消防車), 1997. The earlier B-07 lacks the silver painted detail.
[Image: TW-10-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-10-5x3.jpg] [Image: A-08-box.jpg]
TW-11 PAJERO, Ref. No. 7473 4WD JEEP, is the same as Mitsubishi Pajero A-07 (三菱 パジェロ), 1997. The earlier B-11 does not have the gold stripe.
[Image: TW-11-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-11-5-X3.jpg] [Image: A-07-Box.jpg]
TW-11 was also included in Large Set 7432.
[Image: 7432-box.jpg]
TW-12 PETROL TANKER, Ref. No. 7570 is based on the Cosmo Oil Tank Lorry B-16 (コスモ石油タンクローリ), 1996.
[Image: TW-12-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-12-5x3.jpg] [Image: B-16-box.jpg]
TW-13 SPORTS COUPE, Ref. No. 7571 SPORTS COUPÉ is based on the Nissan Skyline GT-R  A-05 (日産 スカイライン GTR), 1997. Note that in the picture of the underside below the chassis of TW-06 and TW-13 have been swapped into the wrong bodies.
[Image: TW-13-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-13-5x4-b.jpg] [Image: A-05-box.jpg]
TW-14 DUST CART, Ref. No. 7572 is based on the Refuse Truck B-12 (清掃車), 1994.
[Image: TW-14-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-14-5x3.jpg] [Image: B-12-box.jpg]
TW-15 BREAKDOWN VAN, Ref. No. 7573, is based on the Mitsubishi Pajero Road Corporation Patrol Car B-13 (三菱 パジェロ 道路公団パトロールカー), 1994.
[Image: TW-15-a.jpg] [Image: TW-15-5x3.jpg] [Image: B-13-box.jpg]
TW-16 SPORTS CAR (WHITE) is another Nissan 300ZX, and was only sold as part of City Set 7428. It’s the same as Nissan Fairlady Z A-09 (日産フェアレディZ), 1997, and therefore the same as TW-06 except for its colour.
[Image: TW-16-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-16-5x3.jpg]
[Image: A-09-box.jpg] [Image: 7428-b.jpg]
TW-17 STATION WAGON was only sold as part of Super Spiral Set 7429, and is based on the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon A-01 (スバルレガシィ ツーリングワゴン), 1997.
[Image: TW-17-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-17-5-x3.jpg]
[Image: 7429-box.jpg] [Image: A-01-box.jpg]
TW-18 SILVER BUS was only sold as part of the TGV Set 7430 and its French / Dutch variant the Circuit Gare Routiere / Cicuit Gael Deel 4774. These sets and the bus in them are based on the 1999 Motor Tomica New Transit Yurikamome Set (モータートミカ プラレール 新交通ゆりかもめセット), which was itself a revision of the 1997 B/O Tomica New Town Station Set (B/Oトミカ ニュータウン駅セット).
[Image: TW-18-5x4-a.jpg] [Image: TW-18_5x3.jpg] [Image: TW-18_5x4_b.jpg]
[Image: 7430_box.jpg] [Image: 4774-box.jpg]
[Image: Yurikamome_Box_for_blog.jpg] [Image: New_Town_Set.jpg]
TW-19 WAGON CAR was only sold as part of the Loop Road Set 7416. TW-19 is based on the Honda CR-V A-02 (ホンダCR-V), 1997, and 7416 is based on the 1997 B/O Tomica Loop Bridge Set (B/Oトミカ ループ橋セット), which has a black Nissan Skyline GT-R.
[Image: TW-19-5x4.jpg] [Image: TW-19-5x3.jpg] [Image: A-02-box.jpg]
[Image: TW-19-box.jpg] [Image: Loop-Road-Set.jpg]
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[Image: awesome-smiley-emoticon.gif]

Fantastic piece of research Dr Chris. I would guess this to be the only complete List of Tomica World Vehicles that can be found and your notes of interest is of great value. Thank you Dr Chris for sharing this great article of yours.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • chrisjo
Chris, that’s a very helpful and well compiled list! Thanks so much for all your time and effort in putting this together.
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Dr you own all 19?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Hmmm, well, there's a parking space waiting for the next available red petrol tanker! I'm missing another three apart from that, but I only started looking for them seriously when you started the original Motorized Vehicles thread.
[-] The following 1 user Likes chrisjo's post:
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Great collection and I am thrilled that the Thread motivated you Dr Chris. Which 3 are you still searching for?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Apart from the Red Tanker TW-12, I'm needing TW-02 Police Car(A), TW-13 Sports Coupe (black), and TW-19 Wagon Car/Honda CR-V.

I've got my eye on a listing for the US Patrol set which includes TW-02, but I think I'll get one cheaper if I'm patient.
Twitchy-bidding-finger syndrome here.
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That Police Car is one of my favorites and its strange that it is a US Police Car but never available in the US. Dr Chris, wasn't it you that helped me get the one I have?

The TW-19 is an unusual color for sure...pretty neat.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(12-17-2020, 06:26 AM)Super Wrote: Dr Chris, wasn't it you that helped me get the one I have?

Guilty as charged.
[-] The following 1 user Likes chrisjo's post:
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I am sure you will find one there in the UK sold by itself like the one you procured for me Dr Chris. I have had to buy many whole sets just to get one or 2 things out of them but I have had good luck selling what is left of the sets back on Ebay.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Tomica World vehicles in action (and some other stuff) ...

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I love all the Police Black and Whites chasing the criminals car. Those Black and Whites are one of my favorites.

And of course...this video was Posted by a BPT Member and given thanks to a highly regarded past member for providing them a clean copy.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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