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FfarquharDeveloper's TrackMaster Customs
Wasn't entirely sure if this would fit under TrackMaster or Modification Gallery so I placed it here. Made it a different thread so I'd stop clogging the "What did you do to your trains today?" Thread.

1/14/21 Update 1

- 1/2 of the masking for the lining done.
[Image: Shaky-Stanley-Lining.jpg]

- Face just needs to be Airbrushed.
[Image: Dodge-Face-Prepped.jpg]

- Completed with the Addition of Nameplates and Numbers
[Image: Skarloey-Repaint.jpg]

- Masked off to only cover the Yellow Warning Panels
[Image: Derek-Prepped-for-Yellow.jpg]

- Needs to be primed, repainted, and given new Stickers
- Face already given new eyebrows.
[Image: Rheneas-Masked.jpg]
[Image: Rheneas-Face-MK3.jpg]

- Completed with the Additions of New Cab Windows and Numbers
[Image: Gordon-Stickers.jpg]
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
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  • DalaGStanator, Super, BradyLikesTrains, Tharazero1, Ucwepn, Geoh
Yes! You opened this thread sooner than I expected, and I'm glad you did. With all the customs and mods you've been working on, it was about time we'd have a main thread for them. However, I thought you would go back and look for your first posts on WDYDTYTT (as well as the separate threads) so you could start with them before showing the newest customs, if not link to them somewhere to show these ones were not your first. Nevertheless, thank you for listening to our suggestion and proceeding with it immediately afterwards. Hopefully Super could help you track down some of the old posts and move them here as an archive, if you're interested.
[-] The following 2 users Like DalaGStanator's post:
  • FfarquharDeveloper, Super
They look fantastic! You could give custom trackmasters a run for the money!
The Tons of Trackmasters YouTube channel  Smile
[-] The following 3 users Like Tons of Trackmasters's post:
  • FfarquharDeveloper, Tharazero1, Super
1/14/21 Update 2

- Painted up with 2 Coats of Testors Gloss Competition Orange (Spray paint)
[Image: Rheneas-2-Coats.jpg]

- Yellow warning panels painted on using Testors Gloss Yellow (Airbrushed)
[Image: Derek-Painted-Yellow.jpg]
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
[-] The following 3 users Like FfarquharDeveloper's post:
  • Ucwepn, Tharazero1, DalaGStanator
Very clean!
[-] The following 4 users Like Ucwepn's post:
  • FfarquharDeveloper, Super, Tons of Trackmasters, DalaGStanator
1/15/21 Update 1

- Complete with the final coats of paint being done.
[Image: IMG-20210115-135434.jpg]

- Bufferbeams painted red.
[Image: IMG-20210115-134311.jpg]

1/15/21 Update 2

- Completed with the face repainted and clear coated.
[Image: IMG-20210115-162018.jpg]

1/15/21 Update 3

- Nearly done with painting Derek now, I've just got to let the green dry to I can apply the black on. After he's fully painted I've got to figure out the face.
[Image: Derek-Painted-Green.jpg]

1/15/21 Update 4

- Black paint added, going back and fixing little details next.
[Image: IMG-20210115-232507.jpg]
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
[-] The following 3 users Like FfarquharDeveloper's post:
  • Mister No, Super, DalaGStanator
Nice work Ffar...I like it.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Super's post:
  • FfarquharDeveloper
Thanks Super!
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
[-] The following 1 user Likes FfarquharDeveloper's post:
  • Super
I called it! Rheneas in the correct colour turned out so much better, and thanks for making his boiler bands golden instead of keeping them yellow. I don't think I'll ever get how the illustrators of those magazines thought he was carmine and caused (nearly) everyone who made merch of him to mess up. Only his nameplates should've been a bit higher like on Skarloey, but it otherwise matches his shade perfectly.

I've been looking forward to seeing your Derek painted, so it's great to know he's almost finished already. The airbrushing and spray painting do such a wonderful job at giving that smooth, professional appearance, though your hand painted Paxton was equally well painted. Well done on both of these.
[-] The following 1 user Likes DalaGStanator's post:
  • FfarquharDeveloper
1/17/21 LETS GO

- Moving rods have been added onto him making him way cooler imo, based on @tomynewacoliver's Rheneas siderod modification.

- Face removed for downscaling using Shrink-It (to be purchased) -- Face was removed by using a heat gun, some tweezers, a craft knife, a file, and a lot of force (I do not recommend using Hit Toys Rusty for this modification, use a TOMY Rusty instead it's much easier with the screws.)
-- Heat gun was used to soften the pegs, then a file was used to sand them down along with tweezers to try and break it, additionally, a craft knife was used at the bottom, this was repeated until the pegs were flush, at that point the radiator and face were pried off by hand, both were held in by glue. 
- Body primed and radiator filled in, awaiting further sanding before airbrushing.
[Image: Rusty-Primed.jpg]

- Test fitted shell on chassis for the first time after being repainted.
- Masked up to add another coat of green (not pictured).
[Image: Derek-Test-Fit.jpg]

- what??
- mmm wait and see, this'll take a few days Wink
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
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  • DalaGStanator, Tharazero1, Super, Mister No
Keep up the good work Ffar Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Haven't really done much more this month so here's a recap video of all of the completed things + Rusty done in January 2021.

Please keep in mind that some of the other videos on my channel are not suitable for the website, any videos I post here are suitable for the website.
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
[-] The following 2 users Like FfarquharDeveloper's post:
  • Super, DalaGStanator
Fantastic job on the side rod modification on Rheneas. Great customs, thanks for sharing the updates.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Super's post:
  • FfarquharDeveloper
So, that's what you sound like. If you'll ever do a full fledged series or adaptations (or take part in others' fan content), you wouldn't be a bad narrator to listen to. Given how big and established your channel is, it surprised me you didn't show anything from it until the Rheneas mod. Speaking of videos that are normally under a minute (such as demos/teasers/whatever), I think you might want to host them somewhere like Streamable and reserve YouTube for any "main" content. Thanks for the recap.
[-] The following 2 users Like DalaGStanator's post:
  • Super, FfarquharDeveloper

No new progress on the narrow gauge engines at the moment, I'm putting them off to the side to make a few other things at the moment. 

Anyways onto the post, here's my W.I.P. Busy Bee James, I wanted to get a Plarail version but I'm unable to at the moment and the Hit versions are stupidly priced and have funky eyes. I've removed the red paint I applied around 2 years ago and sanded him down, removing his stickers with a knife blade and his lining with sandpaper since it's not present in his Bee Livery.

During sanding.
[Image: BEE-prep-1.jpg]

After sanding preparation. 
[Image: BEE-prep-2.jpg]

I do plan on painting him up tomorrow, I just need to prime him tonight so I can apply the yellow onto him with ease.
TooMuchThomas is never enough.
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