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FfarquharDeveloper's TrackMaster Customs
for the bear shell, is the shell rigid? i find the 3d printed shell hard to bent and fit onto the chassis.
My Trackmaster/Tomy/Plarail Photo Gallery Page (over 600+ photos and still under construction)
The shell is pretty sturdy but it can bend and fit onto the chassis to fit.
Just call me Ffar

Probably disassembling a TOMY Toy
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(09-04-2022, 01:05 PM)FfarquharDeveloper Wrote: Well you have a potentially good printer, what you may want to do is check the drive belts and make sure they are tight enough, if they are loose you can get the line effects exaggerated.  Similarly check the 'eccentric bolts' on the wheels to make sure that the carriage and bed move smoothly and don't wobble at all, that can help improve quality as well.

In terms of filament, if you are intending to paint the models (i.e. the filament colour is not important) go for a basic flat colour like white, grey or black.  While the 'silk' filaments can look sexy they do tend to again exaggerate the layer lines and can also give you layer adhesion issues.  The basic colours tend to be more forgiving and can produce more desirable prints, a small amount of smoothing sanding before priming the finished model can also help remove the line effects.

What I tend to use mostly is 0.2mm layers which is the general default, however there's nothing wrong with going with 0.1mm if you want to get the best quality you can although bear in mind it will increase the print time as you have to print effectively double the number of layers.

In terms of Cura if you don't have it download v6 as it has a lot of improvements including the experimental adaptive layer function I mentioned before which works great with curved surfaces, it also produces files that print anything up to 30% quicker than the earlier versions...

To answer your questions:

Printer: Creality Ender 3 Pro
Slicer: Cura (unsure which version)
Filament: I only have one filament at the moment, I'm planning on getting another filament which hopefully should work better in future.
Settings: Not really, I just used some line supports and that was it.

I'm planning on printing out six of these mail vans and cutting out twelve rods for each of the wheels on them. I wanted versions of the vans similar to the ones that came with the TnA Percy and More Talkative Edward.

And thank you! It wasn't too hard to design since I've had experience, but it was mildly difficult to get the screw-hole right. In fact I'm still struggling to keep it from breaking off but that aside post vans have worked, bear is being mildly problematic.
Happily collecting things all my life... :D
new update coming soon maybe??

so much stuff's happened, i've finished several commissions including:

Green Arrow, Flying Scotsman, Merlin, Big City Engine, Fred, D261 (again), and I sold off my original Wilbert.
I've also got more commissions I'm finishing including, Daisy (again), D261 (again again), D199 (again), Bear (again), Flying Scotsman, Nigel the Transporter & several restorations and cosmetic fixes.

Also, I've been making several things for myself such as the Knapford Station Side Buildings, Thomas' Snowplough from It's Only Snow, Tidmouth Sheds, Ryan the N2, Several Village Buildings, George the Steamroller, Bear the Hymek Diesel, and I'm planning on building the Village Station and Suddery Castle Next.

I'll compile a bunch of images at a later date but that's what's been happening.
Just call me Ffar

Probably disassembling a TOMY Toy
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WOW!!! You sure have been busy Ffar 👍👍👍
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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