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Somehow i found and bought this
As i was searching the Ebays for TOMY Olivers (as i was bored) i came across one that was right in my budget

[Image: image.png] 
£59.50 (That includes shipping)

pretty darn cheap if i say so myself, considering one i found was going for nearly £500 with free shipping

i will post an image when it arrives
[-] The following 5 users Like NatTheAusterity's post:
  • Super, FfarquharDeveloper, Muddy Poppins, DalaGStanator, Tharazero1
Fantastic Nat. I had seen that Listing and thought that it was a great deal for whoever was first to notice it.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Super's post:
  • Muddy Poppins
Damn, is 60 pounds cheap for an Oliver now. What's happened to this world
[-] The following 4 users Like Tharazero1's post:
  • Muddy Poppins, DalaGStanator, DuckGWR, Argozyy
i got mine for a bit less... but then again you got yours with his red coaches (which I owned before purchasing him) congratulations!
The Tons of Trackmasters YouTube channel  Smile
[-] The following 1 user Likes Tons of Trackmasters's post:
  • Tharazero1
Like i promised, i would put an image of him when he arrives, and here he is!

[Image: image.png]
[-] The following 2 users Like NatTheAusterity's post:
  • DalaGStanator, Tharazero1
Wonderful, he looks great Nat Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Fantastic! Looks superb with his coaches
The Tons of Trackmasters YouTube channel  Smile
[-] The following 1 user Likes Tons of Trackmasters's post:
  • Super
Oliver is a nice engine with very special rods (I like the way his rods are moving), but he can be a little naughty sometimes, especially on R-28 Double Turnout Rail... (derailing without an obvious reason).
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
[-] The following 1 user Likes Mister No's post:
  • Super
I hadn't heard of that happening with Oliver and the Double Turn Out rails Mr No. I take it this thought is from your own experience with him. Strange as it he isn't much different than other trains as far as wheel size and span, strange.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Yes, it's strange, he is not that different from many other engines, but when he is turning at the double switch he sometimes derails. No obvious reasons. I thought it's just my Oliver, but in some YouTube video I heard about the same problem...
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
[-] The following 1 user Likes Mister No's post:
  • Super
If you watch Ucwepn’s unboxing of Oliver Super you’ll see what Mr. No’s talking about.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Tharazero1's post:
  • Super
Hope Nat (the original Poster) doesn't mind our continuing this discussion.

Thanks I see what its about and since I do like to tax my mind to keep it is my un-educated guess as to what may be causing this with Oliver but not necessarily why other engines might nor derail.

It looks like the drive gear on Olivers rear wheels are on the left side which makes his front wheels pull to the right riding the outside rail it the direction that Uc's video shows. When he meets the Double Crossover there is a change in the rail where the direction 'bumps out' to the outside edge where Oliver is pulling to causing the right wheel to follow that and over the top of the rail. The engines pulling to the right along with that bump out is my guess that are contributing factors to him jumping the rail. Without a closer, live, look I can't tell if the front facing side rods could also be helping it over when it turns into the bump out.

The proof of this may be in testing the same Oliver on the same track but moving in the exact opposite direction where his front wheels would be pulling to the right 'inside' rail instead of the outside.

So, a question for Mr No: Does Oliver derail at the same place going in either direction, or just when he is 'pulling' the outside, (right) rail?

[Image: Untiu7led.jpg]

[Image: Untiotu7led.jpg]

[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[-] The following 2 users Like Super's post:
  • bijomaru78, Tharazero1
My Oliver has problems with this right turn:

[Image: IMG-20210122-182114.jpg]

...but also with this left turn:

[Image: IMG-20210122-182249.jpg]

For some reason he doesn't like turning left on this single switch neither:

[Image: IMG-20210122-182647.jpg]
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
[-] The following 1 user Likes Mister No's post:
  • Super
Hmmm...I wonder if Oliver could benefit from some added weight in the front?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Super's post:
  • Mister No
That's a good idea, Super!  Idea
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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