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Where’s Thomas?
My local Walmart has purged all Thomas and Friends merchandise from its store.
I don’t understand why?
No kids clothes, party napkins, posters, cups plates, toothbrushes, or any other Thomas branded merchandise.
No plush toys, no minis, no dumb new TrackMaster...
How can this be?
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I didn't know this but I can certainly have a guess. I would think that the Thomas shows interest and popularity is waning. With all the new tech and Internet videos and shows that older siblings and parents watch I believe there is just so much other things and competition to keep young minds occupied. Plus, a youngster can easily be influenced by what their older siblings are doing. These views aren't what I want to happen but just my thoughts as all things come to an end eventually especially in this day and age that is so ruled by the almighty dollar.

All this may be just a power play by the big corps Big Grin

Your thoughts?
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The thomas product selections at Wal mart varies (based on my experiences in Canadian Wal Mart).  Some stores have 3 shelves of Thomas merchandises.  Some store has so little selection you have to work your way around the toy section to find them.  Toy R US generally has the best selection.  Sadly it no longer exists in the US
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Could it be somehow related to the 2021 show reboot? Maybe the show reboot will affect the Thomas merchandise too? As we have seen, the changes in the show will be massive (2D, baby show characters etc.) and maybe the Thomas merchandise will be therefore changed too, so they could be in the process of the rebranding now... I'm just guessing.
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