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Thomas 2021 Reboot
just when you think Mattel is heading to the right direction with the 3D faces Annie, Clarabel, Kenji, etc, it goes backward.
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  • Mister No
New pics of the Seagulls and French Fries Thomas from the rebooted, differently coloured and re-released Bridge Lift Thomas and Skiff Train Set. (They changed the "Brendam" sign too).

We already knew that all three known rebooted Thomas sets are actually re-releases of not-so-long-ago released Motorized sets, but this one is somewhat special. In Fix ‘em Up Friends Track Set we have new Carly, which is ok, but here we have Skiff...despite him not appearing in the rebooted television series. If they haven't already been able to come up with something original, why on earth did they choose this one, which contains a character that doesn't appear in the series, for AEG re-release? Huh

[Image: Motorized2022-Bridge-Lift-Thomasand-Skiff2.jpg]

[Image: Motorized2022-Bridge-Lift-Thomasand-Skiff3.jpg][Image: Motorized2022-Bridge-Lift-Thomasand-Skiff1.jpg]
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Is this meant to be a discussion on the TV series or the toys?
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  • chrisjo
Why not both? Smile
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When this thread started, there were no toys yet, just the announcement of a TV show. In the meantime, toys also appeared. Toys and a TV show are obviously interconnected, so we can talk about both, right?

Personally, I am not thrilled with the new cartoon, because it desecrates the legacy of Rev. Awdry. But as a cartoon (generally, not as a cartoon about Thomas) it has its qualities: it emphasizes the values ​​of true friendship, mutual success, etc. I watched a few episodes, and it is watchable and there is no violence and disgusting scenes, which is certainly nice. I think, however, that scenes like these could certainly have been avoided:

[Image: wheels-as-hands-1.jpg]

[Image: wheels-as-hands-2.jpg]

But I understand this TV show only as a spin-off of the original series, which it basically is. Not even some previous seasons can be said to be completely true to the original and the first seasons. Some may like it, some may not. Speaking of spin-offs, I loved “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals,” but “Legacies” not so much.

On the other hand, the new Thomas & Friends toys are devoid of the flaws of a TV show (e.g. they cannot use the wheels as hands and thus change the position of the crossover), and in themselves seem very beautiful, detailed, vividly coloured and attractive.

So I can’t understand the "avid fans" of the original series who over-criticize these new toys in YouTube videos, angrily throw them on the floor and the like. The resentment towards the direction in which the spin-off of the series went has obviously prompted some people to resent the new Thomas toys. However, some shortcomings can also be noticed in toys, the biggest of which is certainly their size (height) and the related incompatibility with some elements of earlier sets produced by the same company in the same production line. Well, that is already a problem that should be pointed out.

In short, both the TV series and the toy line have their advantages and disadvantages, and I think it would be convenient to discuss them together.
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  • chrisjo
New Press n' Go Stunt Engines
When pressed down, the engines will race across the floor:

[Image: Press-NGo1.jpg]
[Image: Press-NGo-Percy.jpg]
[Image: Press-NGo2.jpg]

They have a little wheel in the back, so they could do this:

[Image: Press-NGo3.jpg]
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Mister No Wrote:So I can’t understand the "avid fans" of the original series who over-criticize these new toys in YouTube videos, angrily throw them on the floor and the like. The resentment towards the direction in which the spin-off of the series went has obviously prompted some people to resent the new Thomas toys.

If people dislike a franchise or show, they will usually dislike anything that promotes it or is related to it. Looking at the toys reminds you of the direction the show has taken, which would anger most people who hate AEG. It has also been said time and time again that we “should not purchase these toys through any official means” because that would show Mattel that we like and support the show, in turn making them continue producing it. Essentially, it’s sort of a boycott. (However, the people that purchase them just to destroy them make absolutely no sense to me.)
I say, if you want to purchase aeg merch, (dont obviously) if you really have to, get them second hand.
Is anyone here seriously deluded enough to think that a few (sub-) adults continually ranting ad infinitum about this merchandise on social media and blogs such as this will make any difference to Mattel's sales of their toys to children via their parents? It really is becoming very tiresome and I wish I didn't have to keep reading it on BPT, which is a little like a second home to me.

Constructive criticism about the functionality of the toys is fine, just as it was when Trackmaster Revolution appeared, but repeating the same tiresome, misguided and pointless 'call-to-arms' over and over again is just silly.

If children see these toys and want to have them, it's a done deal, end of story.
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People are different. There really are some, like me, that are liking the models, but don't care that much about the TV show.

But in any case, people should respect other people opinions. It's all right to dislike something, TV-shows and toys included, but some people should really learn a few things about the boundaries in expressing these feelings. They should think twice before throwing toys on YT, using inappropriate language, and posting pictures.   (Source)
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I noticed (well the unlucky tug noticed it, but I saw it for myself) something very interensting about modern kids tv shows (this will include the reboot). I noticed this on my 8 year old sister:

Kids get really interested in an ordinary preschool tv show, will watch it all the time, then after no more than a month moves on to another typical kids show and the cycle repeats.
My sister never stays with the same show, literally day she is super interesting in something like Bluey, next day, she's onto something completely different and says she doesn't care about Bluey anymore.

The same thing will happen to AEG. Now it's just an ordinary braindead kids show, it is no different to any other show now. If BWBA did not last (which btw was getting a lot of praise for being politically correct), then this reboot WILL fail.

I recently saw a milkshake (channel 5) AEG promo, and I'm feeling so sad. I remember waking up and first thing I do is run to the tv and turn on milkshake to watch thomas all these years ago. Now, AEG is what kids will will think thomas is, and that is the rubbish they will grow up with, just an ordinary, identical tv show that's no different to the competition.
@chrisjo I definitely agree, there are inevitably going to be many little kids who enjoy this show and beg their parents to get the toys. I think people who don’t like them should just try to ignore them, as that’s really the best way to deal with it. Ranting isn’t going to make much of a difference at this point.

To be honest, I actually don’t see that big of a downgrade from BWBA to AEG. Nearly all children’s shows are like this these days. Thomas definitely isn’t going to be as popular and memorable now and in the future, but this “baby show” treatment most likely isn’t going away.
(10-25-2021, 12:12 AM)Mister No Wrote: They should think twice before .... publishing pictures (like this one...):
That picture's so grossly offensive that I don't even know where to start. Actually, I'd be a lot happier if it wasn't here on BPT at all.

EDIT: Thankfully it has been removed from BPT, but you can follow the link above if you really want to see how this whole debate has reached new depths of tastelessness.
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  • Mister No
Right you are, Chris: it's totally insane. I cited the source, and now I will leave that to the moderators for evaluation. But that's the world we live in today. I'm just describing it (in a way)... sure I don’t like it either!. Angel
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Yeah, the kid shows produced between the 1980's up until around 2008 seem to have a magic touch to them. Now kids just forget and move onto something else a month later. The only modern show that really seems to last in kids is Paw Patrol.
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