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Thomas 2021 Reboot
Grrrr…these mixed sets really make me mad!
It’s extortion to have to buy their push-along’s just to get that Thomas. 😒
Play nice & have fun!!:)
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  • Mister No, Super
Moreover, to get Thomas that obviously goes with the "Back to the Barn" Set, but it's not sold with that set!!
There is just plain Thomas (with different face, though) in that set. But Thomas from "Around the Farm" should definitely be the "Back to the Barn" Thomas... :/
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LOL...the drug dealer gives the kids who want that particular Thomas a little taste of the drug (Push Alongs) in hopes that they will also become addicted to them...profits, profits, profits = more Thomas addicts. 😁
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Here's how it goes: give your child "Around the Farm" Push Along set. The child gets as many as 5 beautifully painted Push Along engines - Thomas, Percy, Kana, Diesel, and even the Muddy Push Along Gordon - which can't be obtained any other way, except in this set.

BUT, the child also gets a motorized painted Thomas (with a very cool facial expression). Then the child (who surfs the internet better than you) sees that there is also a “Back to the Barn” set, which is just perfect for his motorized Around-the-Farm-Thomas.

After you buy this set, the child - or you :) - already has two Farm Thomases - one from the Around the Farm set and the other from the Back to the Barn set. It is best to buy the third one immediately - the Greatest Moments Farm Thomas (the one with the pig), and when you’re already shopping, you can’t miss Farm Percy and Farm Kana, because you can’t have only three motorized Thomases on the farm, you have to buy his motorized friends as well.

That way, starting with small Push Along engines, you quickly bought quite a large collection of motorized Farm engines and trains! :)
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  • chrisjo, Super
Another (smaller) Launch & Loop Set?

Just found this one on!
Item Number: HMB93

[Image: LAUNCH-AND-LOOP-HMB93.jpg]

Is it just a smaller version of the previously announced Launch & Loop Set (HJY30)?
[Image: LAUNCH-AND-LOOP-HJY30.jpg]

Or is HJY30 cancelled and HMB93 a final variant of that set? We'll see soon...

That's a third variant of that set. The first one (the prototype) was best (higher slopes/bridges, nicer loop etc.):

[Image: Motorized-Obstacle-Course-Set.jpg]
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Well...they are certainly making the most from their parts.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Mister No
New Motorized Sets!!

New Thomas & Percy faces, new billboard picture, some different colouring... and a lot of elements (raisers, tunnels, bridges, docks, loading & unloading stations...) that had been seen in various TrackMaster & AEG sets, each and every one of them, I think, except maybe the green tunnel loading station... But the sets are colourful and fun! 😊


Oops! Percy is angry! >> [Image: NEW-MOTORIZED-SETS-5-ANGRY-PERCY.jpg]
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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  • chrisjo, Super, generic_truck_69420
Wow...they are really pumping these sets out...more-so than just before an Xmas season.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Mister No
So I saw on Twitter the reboot is getting sent over to Japan

I just hope the third party stuff like Plarail doesn't get effected and it's only stuff sent over by Mattel

I mean WR and Bachmann haven't been effected so we can hope the same goes for Plarail
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the rolling stocks on the new releases are essentially the same as before.  The only set i may consider getting is the thomas tiger adventure on the basis that it comes with a troublesome truck. I am a big collecto of troublesome trucks.  There is no such thing as too many troublesome trucks in my yard lol.

As for the "angry percy" does that button makes Percy to say something?
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  • Mister No, Super
Like I said, apart from Thomas and Percy's face, pretty much everything is taken from many earlier sets: if I remember correctly, the tunnel blast was a TM2 Diesel set, the green curved slopes and some other elements are from the TM2 Thomas Tiger Adventure set, Cranky was already in a set with Thomas, now he's with Percy, orange risers are from the Race for the Sodor Cup Push Along set etc. Nothing really new, unfortunately. If they would at least put some other characters (and not almost always Thomas or Percy) in those sets: why not a set with Emily or Hiro?

I'm not sure if the "button" makes Percy to say something. I could be wrong, but I don't think so, actually. Because I already have 3 different AEG Percys, and they all have such a "button", but that's only because it's made of a special part of plastic (like Thomas's whistle), and it can't be pressed. Moreover, Talking Percy is an upcoming model and it has the red button on the cabin roof for talking function; I doubt they would make two different types of talking Percy at the same time...
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