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Plarail Railway Company
[Image: c0c9731ef2603532381c27880469caaa_MgkuCL-...40x310.jpg]

Here is something new: Takara Tomy's project „Plarail Railway“ has started. As of spring of 2021, Takara Tomy will develop a project to "convey the charm of railways" through the fictitious railway company „Plarail Railway“. „Plarail Railway“ is a fictitious railway company founded in 2019 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Plarail. They would like to meet children's longing for railways by „making contact with railways that are difficult to meet in the real world“ and there will be something new that we have not yet seen through videos and official websites.

[Image: 4b1a907ed8c4088110c20ed9007cfa82_HB4Cv6j...6m7Vl1.jpg]

Under the theme of „Tetsudo Tokimeki and Excitement for Children,“ they will develop toys that „allow you to enjoy 'new play of Plarail'“, and will collaborate with existing railway companies nationwide to „enhance the appeal of railways“.
Various settings and official websites have been developed so that children of Plarail fans can feel that it may be a company that really exists somewhere in Japan! In addition, „Plarail Railway“ will be just like real railway company, and they will make the railway alive together with various railway companies nationwide. There will be also exhibitions at the Kyoto Railway Museum.
I found that information on Hobby Dengeki, and there is also a logo of the new fictitious company:

[Image: 316df0bd1fc4177da5b090f11eadd5ab_Ozt-oUc...40x111.jpg]

Plarail Railway Co., Ltd.

English company name: PLARAIL Railway Co., Ltd
Headquarters location: Somewhere in Japan
Established: 2019
Number of employees: 1,959
Main business: Railway business

As it turns out, the SpeedJet is a part of that story: "It is a high-speed railway vehicle developed with the aim of being the 'fastest' on the Plarail railway. The vehicle, whose video was released as a 'Mysterious Red Train' in December 2020, is scheduled to be released as the Plarail Railway series in the spring of 2021." Speed Jet debut with H5 Hayabusa:

In 2021, there will be an exhibition at "Plarail Festival in Kyoto Railway Museum". The exhibits and videos will allow the visitors to enjoy the world of Plarail Railway, as well as a diorama that reproduces "West Japan traveling by Plarail Railway", in line with the full-scale start of "Plarail Railway". It will be held from Saturday, March 20th to Tuesday, May 11th.

[Image: d4c67887a166a1325056d60aa84772a3_973cQAd...40x460.jpg]

In addition, next to the 500 series Shinkansen on the 1st floor of the same building, a large model of the original vehicle of Plarail Railway "Speed Jet" will be exhibited for a limited time from March 20th to March 31st. It seems they are thinking big!

[Image: 7cffdcf1b37fc7d4eb5082235c36d203_nqAAHMH...EsOdxR.jpg]

Plarail Festival in Kyoto Railway Museum

Period: March 20th (Sat / holiday) -May 11th (Tuesday), 2021
Venue: Kyoto Railway Museum Main Building 2F Special Exhibition Room
* Details will be announced on the Plarail Railway website and Kyoto Railway Museum website around the end of February 2021.

* The content may be changed or canceled depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection. For the latest information, please check the Plarail Railway website and the Kyoto Railway Museum website.

The Plarail theme song "Plarail Plarail" is a new song by the rock band "Quruli". This song was produced by Mr. Shigeru Kishida, who lovew railways and Plarail. Based on the new single "Kotokoto Kotoden (feat. Ayaka Tatamino)" of "Quruli" released in December 2020, this is an original song newly created for Plarail, and various vehicles familiar with Plarail.

Note: I translated that news with the machine, so please excuse for possible errors.
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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Here is Plarail Railway on the Takara Tomy website.
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I am excited to see what fictitious designs of trains they come up with as I like the different and unusual as long as they aren't wacky and unbelievable.

Anyone have their own ideas for what Plarail could make in a fantasy train?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Tharazero1
They are doing all this with various Japan railway companies. New Speed Jet is here combined with several (existing) trains:

[Image: 87b552809a5fb4cfd98858d4adad18e2_8-cV5pF...vJpgjQ.jpg]

They already produced numerous imaginary trains (Disney, Hello Kitty etc.), now we have the red bullet train, and in the future I would like to see some "dream commuter train" (or tram)! Big Grin

And I agree with you, Super: these "dream trains" should not be too wacky and unbelievable.
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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In imaginary I don't mean character trains...more like an imaginary real train.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Here is the new SpeedJet combined with the Series_001 (Laview) of Seibu Railways:

As one of the initiatives of the "project to disseminate the charm of railways" which is the concept of the Plarail Railway Company, the collaboration video of Plarail Railway Company and Seibu Railway is released on the official YouTube channel of Seibu Railway and Takara Tomy Official YouTube Channel. This video reproduces the five main stations of Seibu Railway "Ikebukuro Line" and "Seibu-Chichibu Line" and their sections on Plarail, and shows how Plarail "Seibu Railway 001 Series Laview" and "Speed Jet" run. It was recorded with live footage of stations and trains.

This work also features Seibu Railway station staff, giving you a glimpse of what you wouldn't see in normal station operations. In addition, to reproduce the Seibu Railway line using Plarail, "Dr. Rail" who studies how to connect lines (rails) and fun layout courses on a daily basis with Plarail produced a diorama with volunteers.

The highlight is that the 5 stations of Ikebukuro, Tokorozawa, Hanno, Yokoze, and Seibu-Chichibu are reproduced in detail up to the wiring, and Dr. Rail is reproducing branches and intersections. A dream competition between "Speed Jet" and "Laview" will be held using the new station "Plarail Station" included in the "Plarail Best Selection Set" as the departure station for "Speed Jet".

[Image: 2_original_G5PotbUeD3o0wYH5dqhTOKyD42OaF20c.jpg]

Now I wonder will this "Plarail Railway Company" project with various railway companies of Japan (first being this one with Seibu) include other (new) Plarail trains, or the same SpeedJet combined with other real trains of  those real railway companies....
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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