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tomy Stepney differences I found
so I got another tomy Stepney so I can customise it to Alice (an oc I made) but after later inspection I found some differences so I did some images of said differences so yeah 
[Image: stepney-differences.png] 
the oc I will make out of the Stepney 
[Image: Alice-in-real-life.png]
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. Look forward to Alice
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
yeah thanks for that super! Smile
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There are actually 3 slightly different versions of Stepney.
The Tomy model is a lighter mustardy yellowish color than the Hit and FP versions which are more of a pukey greenish yellow.
The FP version also has white painted eyes and mouth, a yellow painted whistle instead of gold, and a much brighter red deck too.
[Image: 05-ADA62-B-FC97-4371-8617-0-B1-C300-E15-A0.jpg]

[Image: B8-DE5-E95-9956-4302-BF29-3-DFABC0213-F2.jpg]

[Image: A65-EA153-1-EC2-4-E19-B69-C-0-C4-C8-C5-F0-A25.jpg]

[Image: 0-B3951-D5-BC15-4707-92-FB-E5-B23-E6-CBA30.jpg]
Play nice & have fun!!Smile
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Thanks for that overview, Muddy. 
As we can see, Stepney is another character that needs to be re-released (with improvements, of course) in the future (or in another universe). Big Grin
I mean, Stepney is an original character (from the pen of the Rev. Awdry), and all three versions are... well, not that good: too many stickers (why on earth is that number a sticker?), and they stand out conspicuously and shout: I am a sticker!... Really sloppy.   
Stepney is a nice engine; he deserves better!
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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Would this be a good place to slip in a couple of pictures I took while visiting the Bluebell Railway with the Boy Scouts? My camera was rubbish (that's my excuse).
[Image: LBSC-Terrier-0-6-0-T-55-Stepney.jpg] [Image: LBSC-Terrier-0-6-0-T-55-Stepney-2.jpg]
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Those are great pictures Dr Chris. I am not familiar with Boy Scouts in the UK. How old were you when you took this picture? You had a very steady hand, I remember hard it was not to move slightly when taking a picture in the olden days as it would result in some blurriness  when the pictures were developed.

I love that smokebox door with all those bolts and love the stack too.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Maybe 14 or 15? I'm not sure. I've put a few more pictures from the same trip in a new thread here.
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Not all FP Stepneys have white eyes and bright red buffer beams. I bought a 2009 FP Stepney, when it arrived i noticed it had unpainted eyes, Philips screws instead of FPs normal triangular screws, and had a darker buffer beam. Its exactly like a Hit Stepney in everyway except it has Mattel 2009 markings, same deal with the troublesome truck it came with, it didn't come with a CGI face, it had a classic face, and Philips, but with Mattel markings. I believe Mattel had some old Hit stock and they used it.
If it ain't motorized I don't want it!       Cool Big Grin
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