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Boxed Tomy Gordon
Okay I forgot about this place for a bit, but I've been a bit of a TOMY kick recently and decided to seek out some characters lol. My most recent addition was a Gordon I found on Mercari for $35! And it came with the original track and box too.
[Image: NIBTomy-Gordon.jpg]
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  • Super, Tharazero1, Mister No
Wow, I am not sure I have seen a box like that before especially one with 4 curved Tomy rails. Is this new and sealed? Gordon looks to be the original too. Great find OE.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Its not sealed, as it was opened for testing. But its basically in mint condition. and hasn't really been run minus a bit of test running I did.
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It is beautiful. There are many who would like this edition of Gordon, those long side rods are the best. Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • OrangeElectric
The side rods are honestly the best thing, I've been searching for a version of Gordon like this for years but I could never find one in a great condition for a good price
[-] The following 3 users Like OrangeElectric's post:
  • Super, Tharazero1, Mister No
Nice! I remember when i found a BNIB Hit Gordon I was ecstatic, I think the classic versions of Gordon are some of the best Tomy/Trackmaster items ever produced, its just a timeless, classic design.
If it ain't motorized I don't want it!       Cool Big Grin
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