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Wooden Railway B.A.R.T???
I have never collected thomas wooden railway trains but this got me interested. 

So today I found a video on youtube by griffin rails about what is quite possibly the rarest thomas wooden railway toy ever: the BART (bay area rapid transport). This was actually the first time I heard of the Bay area rapid transport railway (stupid me, I know).

Apparently, around 2007, the thomas wooden railway had made - or was planning to make - a BART toy. There is pretty much no information about this toy beyond youtube. The only other website that has something about this toy is this website called wikispeedia (link below). The images (sadly in awful resolution) that I have below are the only known ones at the moment.

A possible reason why it's so obscure could be because it was cancelled due to the lead paint crisis? After all, it is apparently from around 2007, so it could be a reason.

When I first saw the videos about the BART, I was quite sceptical as to wether this is real or just a hoax (I honestly still am a bit), although the wikispeedia page supports it. What's more is that the page was also on the wayback machine and even though it only went back to october 24 2017, it shows the website was way before the video about the bart. And sure enough, the bart images were there.

I have not been able to find any more information about this item, so I want to get anyone who's interested to help in finding more info about this mysterious toy. If anyone has any info about this, please tell me as I really want to know more.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Link to the video:
Link to the page : Bay Area Rapid Transit (
At first I thought it might have been a whittle shortline train, but it does not look like one.
This reminds me a bit of Munipals? They make wooden railway versions of subway trains, mostly New York MTA and other subways from that general part of the country. I can't find any of products from them that represent the BART system, and I don't even know if they existed as far back as 2007, so... that might just be a dead end. But the resemblance is uncanny.

The most likely case in my eyes is someone made this on their own for fun, or as some sort of project, and it's not an actual TWR product. Actually, I'm like 99% sure it's not TWR since the wheels and packaging are wrong, and the thought of putting an american subway car in the Thomas branding as opposed to one of the copyright-non-infringing non-Thomas Wooden Railways that LC had ever done is... weird to say the least. As for how it ended up on that wiki article... sometimes wikis are just wrong, lol
It’s not made by Thomas Wooden Railway. It’s made by Brio
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@Tharazero1, I know it's made by brio, but this is the same type of box as the twr items were sold in. Also, the BART by brio is vastly different.

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