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Opened Talk N Action James?!?
it is with sadness that I bring to light that I was inspecting my talk n action mib American James, and realized there was a small slit in the bottom tape. Anyone know if this means it was open? There are also ruffles in the tape, indicating it was put back on. Anyone know if this means it was open?
[Image: ABC2-F32-D-847-B-4030-9-EBA-51246464-F501.jpg]
-OwenDino Studios
Honestly, it looks like the left side of the tape was scrunched up due to age. I say this because it looks like the right side of the tape is intact (no sign of tape residue outside the boundary of the tape edge). I’m not sure about the slit you mention, but assuming the tape has been slit along the seal, I’d say it’s still unopened. But that’s just my two cents. As an aside, I’ve always been frustrated with the cardboard tomy packaging. The proverbial line between sealed and unsealed is a dinky piece of scotch tape!

Edit: I realize that it’s actually the literal line between sealed and unsealed is a dinky piece of tape! Nothing proverbial about it ?!
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I don't believe the toys were made with the idea that they would be preserved for decades but its still annoying for sure.
The Tons of Trackmasters YouTube channel  Smile
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For those who can’t see the slit, it’s down the middle. You have to look closely, but it’s there
If it's down the middle it isn't opened, if its across the crease then it is. It looks like its been taped twice though so it isn't factory sealed.
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So does this mean it was opened? Honestly, i still have the box and James don’t I?
I’m not sure
It's still sealed bro, just keep it that way.
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