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DalaGStanator's Customs, Mods and Experiments
That system is called Technic. It's been around since the late '70s, and just about any component from it is used in one way or another in average sets. In fact, they were made to be used with bricks since their inception, and "studless construction" only appeared around 2000. Most of my Technic parts came from two NXT kits, while some came from Power Miners and a few other themes.

[Image: 9-FBD7-E03-4-EA3-463-A-B7-DA-32643-D2-D5831.jpg][Image: BBEB6-B58-0-E63-4981-BE15-0-B22-E7-BED2-FD.jpg][Image: 35-C70168-BA56-469-D-9-C19-B78343-FAAB7-A.jpg][Image: EACDF28-A-FC3-C-4-A23-AD54-9-A39447-FFBB8.jpg][Image: F882829-A-4-D5-C-47-A2-9-FD7-330-F6228-AC5-E.jpg]

Aptly considering what number he is, I made Sir Handel as the third top for my "narrow gauge chassis". Notably, I took out Fergus again to make a new mould for the face so I could reshape the nose. It came out rectangular at first, but was easily corrected with scissors. Might replace it with a new one from the old mould, with the nose reshaped on the cast itself. In particular, I'm very pleased with the Cobalt blue I chose for him. Since the cab floor is too low, I couldn't give him his signature "steamroller wheels". Like on Skarloey, the tank lid was made from a googly eye and the dome made from two glued to each other.
[Image: 436-EF043-6824-4268-B816-486-E77-AFDFB8.jpg][Image: 065-A30-DA-138-B-4068-907-A-2-A3-CCB091742.jpg][Image: 8321-D1-BD-53-A6-4-FA3-867-A-3-CB8-F2-A7-F91-C.jpg][Image: 027-EDE88-2-D73-45-B7-98-A0-5046-DE980-F46.jpg][Image: 69-F98957-1-F07-4-A95-AF64-7-FE935-A891-AF.jpg][Image: 70-ECDBE7-8617-444-A-9585-4058-B760-EA70.jpg][Image: 870-A1263-E4-F9-400-C-8-EF5-BC50-A6-D26-A25.jpg]

Lastly, we have Peter Sam - My final NG engine in this style. He proved surprisingly difficult to paint since I started with two near identical greens that had (nearly) run out, until I mixed a bright green, a dark blue and a white to finish off. He still turned out a little too dark IMO. Unlike either of his filmed models, he has the Giesl ejector instead of the "flower box" funnel he had. Even though he appears to have a firebox in the sixth image, he actually doesn't. The old face mould was worn out and had to be recreated. Yes, I'm aware his left side is uneven compared to the right (when on the chassis). Apart from that, he turned out the best looking of all four.

At some point in the future, these may be recycled and given their own (unpowered) chassis, couplings, coaches and trucks. If successful, they could also be joined by Rheneas and an updated Rusty. To finish off, here's Skarloey next to a TOMY Thomas and a shot based on "Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out":

[Image: E9-F9-D28-B-4-E66-4099-ABEE-C3-EDEC9-E97-B9.jpg][Image: 2-E317139-E194-446-E-ABFF-EAB4783-DC4-E9.jpg]

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