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Japanese translation please
Are there any Japanese translators here that could translate this poster? Is it real? It is presumably a HOTR cover, but I could not find any other images similar to this one.

There are a couple of strange things about this cover: Thomas is in model form, and victor looks like an early render as he's missing some lining and some parts arent coloured in.

[Image: Poster.png]
Let's get the easy bits out of the way first. First line, with which everyone should surely be familiar by now:

Thomas the Tank Engine
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The Sodor Steamworks are very busy

Locomotive mechanisms open to the public (or something like that)

DVD from 2011, here's one on Amazon.
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back of the case

[Image: image.png]
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When Chrisjo answers the question, you always get even more than you asked! Smile
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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[Image: image.png]
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A family-friendly DVD where you can enjoy learning how Thomas and Friends steam locomotives work. Includes James' assembly scenes and railroad tracks disassembled during regular maintenance, animations and quizzes that show signals, and the Series 13 episode "Lion of Sodor Island" .
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Now let's see how you could have done all this for yourself without having to read or write a single Japanese character:
  1. Type Thomas the Tank Engine Sodor Steamwork DVD into Google Translate, having selected English to Japanese.

  2. Right-click on the resulting Japanese character string and select 'Search Google for...'

  3. In the resulting Google Search results page, switch to 'Images'.

  4. Open a matching image ( I selected one labelled '' ) and follow the link to the page that's using the image ( in this case an Amazon listing ).

  5. Copy and paste the Japanese title of the DVD (きかんしゃトーマス ソドー整備工場はおおいそがし!~機関車のしくみ大公開 ) from that page back into Google Translate (having switched it to Japanese to English), to find out what it's called in English.

  6. Paste the Japanese title into Google search to find hundreds more of them.

One last word, here it is on the TTTE Wiki, where the title is "Sodor Maintenance Shop is Busy".
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Thank you so much Chrisjo!
This appears to be the alternate version of the cover, possibly an early version as it shows what appears to be a prototype victor and a model thomas for some reason.

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