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Secret side project ;)
(11-24-2021, 10:19 AM)Super Wrote: This project is getting pretty extensive. Anxious to see more.

Well, although building has stopped for now so I can catch up on other stuff, at the very least I have planned the lift/elevator motor setup...

Effectively the entire system is going to be based on a real-world elevator, just miniaturised, powered from the lighting system that'll be fitted to the house.

Since the main lighting in the house is going to be concealed IKEA LED strip which IIRC runs on 12v, the plan is to run a wire from one section of that, into a speed/direction regulator circuit, and then into a geared hi-torque motor, the idea being that it'll be easy to control the lift from the outside.

If it sounds complicated, it really isn't, as all this is stuff readily avaliable on Ebay, and doesn't even need soldering, being mostly based on screw-terminal connections, which naturally makes things easier for installation and repair, and of course powering the entire setup from the lighting circuit saves on needing an additional power supply, so all in all, this might be one of the easier bits of the lift's installation [the worst bit was cabin construction and ensuring the travel was straight without a spirit level  Big Grin ]
Been building Plarail worlds since 2001; still building in 2021 - Not bad really  Cool
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