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Die-cast Shinkansen E3 Tsubasa
Apparently I found something notable in our local online market. Someone is selling their used model of a Shinkansen E3-1000 series, and, of course, "I have to get that!" Here's what it looks like, two days ago.
[Image: z3131467356831-2beb8fe0787bd0b165e7cfe40fa82d74.jpg]
I would say it has a decent weight, some scratches and marks here and there, the wheels are metal but rusty, but it's a second-hand, can't ask more (after all, it costs only 4 USD (90000 VND) for me!)
It has logo stickers on both sides, for some reason, because the real counterpart does not have such, but I appreciate it anyway, that's some extra recognition nevertheless.
What I don't like, however, is the yellow headlights. It does not look well on silver color of E3-1000, so I took some time and paint them black like how Plarail did. Looks much better.

Here's what the original packaging looks like. (I taken this from Google)
[Image: original.jpg]
The thing is, it's extremely hard to find more info about this set, as currently the number 71 has been replaced with E3 with newer purple/white paint job. 
What we do know is that this is an N-scale model, the price would be around 1254 yen/11 USD/250000 VND

And it fits with the blue plastic track, but just barely. Here's it next to E3-0 Plarail Advance on the track.
[Image: z3131467430547-d930ebca09e6f8aa170ae9d27204f96b.jpg][Image: z3131467435482-b7de5c5b2cf86528692bfc8dfb2322fa.jpg][Image: z3131467325618-a0528e3264c9fceea244b97bf710414b.jpg]
[Image: z3131467435478-2ceb74390e12849cea57f75f891fb023.jpg]
Looks very good together, with Advance station, not gonna lie.
[Image: z3131467435481-871828f17de9be3d9715290ab65f4112.jpg]

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