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Thomas Adventure Series (NES / SNES Game)
There was a game published for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Nintendo (SNES) called 'Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends - Adventure Series'. I got a copy a few years back for my SNES. I want to know if there is somewhere I can download a version to play on a computer so I don't have to set up my SNES. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Speed runs:

Call me Generic ...wait.
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Thank you Dr Chris :)
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The NES (8 bit) version was a prototype that got cancelled, and only the SNES one came out.

IMO, the SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive) game from the same year has more replay value; you get to go around Sodor with one of five different engines, make deliveries to various stations or race against another engine while avoiding obstacles. Even the voiceover is pleasant and more natural, as if it's one of the show's narrators. Shame it didn't come out in the UK and Edward, Henry and Gordon aren't playable.

Remember, though: ROM distribution is illegal (in most countries), so you can't/shouldn't ask someone to find them for you. Even though ROM sites get taken down very often, you should still be able to find both the NES and SNES versions with ease.
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