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tomy gordon can't go up inclines?
first time on the forums, came here to ask about the tomy gordon. is it just mine, or does it struggle to get up hills?
dreaming of piles of track 
Hi Stainedgaming, welcome to BluePlasticTracks :)

Without seeing a video of this happening my first though is that like it may have a slipping gear. Is it possible for you to Post a video here of the problem?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
yes i can send a video, before this i discovered that when i put the C battery into a normal truck and connected it to a engine the same problem occurs
i don't think it's gordon himself, maybe the battery

wait a minute, what height was the 1 level slope track designed for
it's suddenly working now, even with rolling stock :huh:

whenever it didn't work the engine would go up and the traction tyres would slip at about the middle or so
what is going on....
dreaming of piles of track 
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Its much easier to offer help if we can see him in action without just throwing out suggestions that may not help so a video will get more specific help. Could be a number of things.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
is there a way i can attach video files?
or only url?
dreaming of piles of track 
I am not sure myself with phone videos as I am an old codger but do you have any of these you can upload to?

[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
i'll upload it to youtube real quick
edit: youtube is being very annoying and not uploading!
dreaming of piles of track 

finally got the stupid thing to work, apparently my attempt to quiet down the video made youtube angry!
as a result the video is rather loud so turn down volume
dreaming of piles of track 
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A couple things...first, do you know where those ramped curves came from? I can't really see clearly in the video but does the bed of those rail have the ridges in them? I think original Tomys and possible knockoffs didn't have the ridges for traction.

Second: it looks like Gordon is kind of light on his front end. This should be the problem of the slippage. Did you remove any weights from his front end or bought this used where someone else may have removed any if there were any.

It doesn't looks like a cracked gear as his wheels seem to not miss a beat. Do you have the straight 17" long 3" rise rail and does he have a hard time getting up that?

Anyone else have any thoughts?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
er, for the ramped curves i bought all of my track in a train set off ebay and some track was knockoff.  they seem to be knockoffs as all they say is 'made in thailand' however they still have ridges

i also thought he seems kind of light, as why else would he rise up and spin. i bought it used off ebay and upon his arrival saw two stripped screws so i cannot take him apart.

what is the 17" long 3" rise rail? i have a 1 level slope and he works fine on that
dreaming of piles of track 
here is the underside of gordon. don't mind the missing screw(s) as they are sitting in a truck safe and sound. there is a stripped screw at the front and one in the holes behind his driving wheels
[Image: QnEai6Z.jpg]
dreaming of piles of track 
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Upon closer looks at your video and pictures there is a chance that this Gordon has been repaired and gone into quite a bit. The stripped screw heads is the first indication and up closer inspection it looks like he has been re-wired also as I don't think (although I could be wrong) that Tomy used two red wires between the engine and tender plus they look to be a larger gauge wire. I wouldn't think any of this would affect the inclines as in the video the motor looks strong as the wheels are turning and don't look to be slipping.

I would really like to see the inside of him as I suspect repairs and possible missing parts/weights. Have you tried to use a small flathead screwdriver to loosen the stripped screws?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
i have never gone inside gordon, i'll try the flathead now

the small flathead doesn't fit into the front and it's too wide to get in  :s

[Image: P1010114-ORF.jpg]oops forgot i wasn't in edit
oh well, here is the demonstration
converter making picture darker lol
the only screwdriver that fits is a phillips screwdriver, i reckon i had a flathead but it's too big
dreaming of piles of track 
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You probably don't have a flathead small enough. Some times a triangle screwbit would be worth a try too but I assume you don't have them. Darn, I would really like to get inside and work on this fellow.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
some people suggest putting super glue on it and getting the driver to grip however i'm worried that i won't be able to get it off
also, gordon has a missing coupling rod due to me fitting new traction tyres and needing to remove them
sadly, i broke the little clip that goes into the hole and it is far too difficult to stick the two tiny pieces back together. where can i obtain spare parts?
[Image: P1010118-ORF.jpg]
dreaming of piles of track 
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