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Tomica B/O/MOtor Tomica Mod with Other diecast Model
Big Grin 
Hello Friends,

i want to share my old works, some of you maybe already saw this few years back.

So my reason why i'm doing this because i found interest in the tomica B/O line that i think should be get along with Plarail by takara tomy. But sadly they stop the production. Since then the model car are so limited to just a few trucks, bus, and other vehcles.

Been searching alot about how to fit a tomica B/O chasis, because the scale seems to be uncommon. My rough estimation maybe this tomica b/o sedan are equal to 1:55 scale diecast

one of the Diecast that i found to be fitted are these supra from fast fourious series released by Jada in the Build and collect series. The Wheelbase is just exact the same, so what i did on these mod are :

1. Remove the base Chasis
2. adjust front wheels position 
3. Grinds the internal Jada diecast to be fitted with the chasis
4. Add that steel plate to hold the chasis and the diecast body.

Herewith some Photos and Video in action

[Image: 1655979986740.jpg]

[Image: 1655979986749.jpg]

[Image: 1655979986767.jpg]

[Image: 1655979986775.jpg]

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Brilliant conversion Siupa, I have often wondered what diecast vehicles could work on a motorized vehicle like this. Does the body attach or just resting on the custom metal plate?

Love the busy and I see you have the new Traffic Light set up...gosh, I love that thing.

Is this a custom train of yours?

[Image: Untit5tled.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • PerkyHydrAan, Siupasiope
Thank you...happy to see somebody enjoy my video...

This is how it looks when the body attached :

[Image: 1656026454327.jpg]

the steel plate kinda spread left and right to hold between the body and the chasis. When i want to use that chasis engine back to its original body, i just remove the plate and then attach back the chasis base

that train based on KRL indonesia Livery, i bought from my friend here in indonesia. In here we have a friend that work as graphic designer, so he help to design that bottom sticker, the rest of it was painted by the previous owner. 

That train have "high mileage"  to be played by my kids, so scratch here and there already appear ... been thinking to repaint it by myself, but still looking to my old airbrush, fixing my paint compressor and remove my lazzyness 😁😁
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[Image: smiley-face-laughing.gif]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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