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Please comment on this Ertl collection
I don't really collect these - all this set was thrown in with one of my first Tomy lots. Please let me know if there is anything particularly uncommon or interesting here if you know about them.

[Image: 20220730-215324.jpg]

This is not a selling post. I am thinking to consolidate my Thomas stuff to just Tomy, push along and TM2 to clear some space. We dont have some of these characters in other form so maybe its not worth getting rid of it all.

I also have these that look like Ertl but are Bandai on the bottom. Was this like the Japanese equivalent when Ertl made the toys?

[Image: 20220730-215048.jpg]
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Not much info from me as I don't know much of anything about the Ertl's...sorry
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
for the most part, most of them are generally available second hand on ebay or other website. the metallic livery ertl are extremly rare.
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Thanks Leyland 👍
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(07-30-2022, 11:22 PM)Rich.gamble Wrote: I also have these that look like Ertl but are Bandai on the bottom. Was this like the Japanese equivalent when Ertl made the toys?

You can read about Bandai merchandise on the TTTE Wiki:
You'll see there that there was a bit of cross-over between Bandai and Ertl, in that Bandai manufactured one small part of the Ertl range.
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Thank you Dr Chris 😃
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Thanks to everyone for your responses. I am thinking they are doing no harm at the bottom of my parts box for now will keep them and am clearing bulkier items such as my big loaders and beige track. I hope to read the full railway series eventually and some characters may mean more to me in future.

Chrisjo I appreciate the link. After reading up on Bandai I was also able to identify these other models as 'Ki No Thomas'. They looked to me as poor versions of wooden railway but are actually 3d puzzles:

[Image: 20220730-214913.jpg]

[Image: 20220730-215000.jpg]
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