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Motor Tomica Doraemon Parallel World Set
Hi Guys,

late post to the recently bought Motor Tomica Doraemon set. This set not only for the doraemon anime fans, because this set also contains those green plaroad -plarail tracks, which is cool to add on the layouts 😃....this set contains of:

1. set of Green Plaroad - Plarail track (10 Pcs)
2. 2 Set of Power pole and abandon pipe (represent the place Nobita and friends playground)
3. 2 pcs of tunnel represent the pararell world for time travel
4. 1 Tomica B/O represent the time machine with doraemon figure
5. 1 trains with the doraemon faces 

I am very happy to have this set with very reasonable price from flea market, considering currently in the YAJ the price are rising 😃.... The box is not in the mint condition, but i found inside all in the mint condition. The Tomica B/O is still sealed, the stickers/decals also still new and not yet sticked to the vehicles/ tunnel/Tomica B/O. Train rubber also still in the new condition and no scratch at all in the plarail tracks.

Here is the late post unboxing video hope you enjoy it 😃 :

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Wow...I would have never thought that inside that box would be in like new parts like this. I love this set with so many one of a kind items especially the motorized vehicle. Fantastic buy Siupe and great video, thanks for sharing 👍
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