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Plarail / Tomica SeMu 8000 Coal Hopper Wagon
In light of speculation ( ) that a new Hopper Wagon may appear in the Plarail KF- series of wagons sometime in the not too distant future, I've drawn together some information about an existing Plarail wagon on which it could be based.

The black hopper wagon in question is a JNR SeMu 8000 (セム8000) type coal hopper.
[Image: 0013-020.jpg]

This has been the subject of several previous discussions on BPT:

So I'll just summarise.

The wagon was released as part of two Tomica Big Loader sets in 2011. The two sets could be linked together to form one gigantic Big Loader layout. Although there was no Plarail rail included in either set, you did get a Plarail SeMu 8000 in each one.

* Scene Transformation Megaton Dump (現場変形 メガトンダンプ), June 2011. Sticker for セム8011

* Tomica Loader - Tomica Bucket Wheel Construction Site (トミカローダー 回転バケット工事現場), November 2011. Sticker for セム8012

[Image: m83703356138-1.jpg] [Image: Tomicaloadertomicabucketwheelconstructionsitebox.webp] [Image: m10625387315-10.jpg] [Image: 61p-On4-h8x-L-AC-SL1100.jpg] [Image: 8c1b15c0e1647ce0cbe0f5f3e58f5579.jpg]

Comes with a little dump truck and a Plarail freight car! !
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Great Thread Dr Chris, thank you for amassing the information and sharing the results with us.

Many questions answered all in one place. I do hope that the rumor is true because "I love Hoppers"....hmmm...a saying for a T-Shirt....nah...the woke mob would try to cancel me as a Rabbit killer. 😁 I would want a totally different design and color maybe. A selfish request because I already have six of these 8000 series in black.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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