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Terrible train accident in Croatia
Terrible train accident in central Croatia near town of Novska

The Police Administration of Sisak-Moslavina County reported that on September 9, around 21:35, in Rajić, near the town of Novska, Croatia, a passenger train No. 2506 hit a stopped freight train. According to the latest information, there are at least three dead and 11 injured. All services remain on the field overnight.

Three of the deceased are Croatian citizens, and eight of the 11 injured are foreign citizens, Croatian Television reports. The cause of the accident is not yet known, and should be determined by an investigation. Unofficially, there were problems with the brakes, and works on the track were underway near the accident... Also unofficially, the passenger train passed the signal at which it was supposed to stop and crashed into the freight train, which was standing because it was broken down. 

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that a passenger train on the route Vinkovci - Novska ran into a standing freight train, probably due to a malfunction. So far, it has been determined that three people have died, 11 have been injured and are being treated in hospitals. They are all from the passenger train. There was only the driver in the freight train, and 13 people in the passenger train (although some sources state that the foreign citizens are probably from Iran and that they are most likely migrants who were on the freight train). "It's dark and train parts are scattered around. We can't rule out a possibility that there may be more victims, because the impact was obviously big," said the prime minister.

[Image: NESRECA-9-9-NOVSKA3.jpg]

[Image: NESRECA-9-9-NOVSKA2.jpg]

The passenger train is electric commuter train SERIES 6 111 The Hungarian:

[Image: NESRECA-9-9-NOVSKA4.jpg]
  • maximum speed: 120 km/h
  • power: 1.2 MW
  • thyristor regulation
  • VOITH axle transmission
  • KONČAR electric traction motors
  • 136/236 seats
  • production: Ganz MÁVAG Hungary 1976 - 1979
  • modernization: TŽV Gredelj Croatia 2002 - 2015.
  • popular name: "The Hungarian"

Considering the year of production, I remember these trains from my childhood. I actually like them very much and it's nice to ride them, despite the fact that the railways in Croatia are generally in a bad condition (especially the rails, but not this line, which has been modernized in accordance with European standards). Older types of trains (like the above) have been renovated, and the new Croatian trains look like this:

Local electric low floor SERIES 6112

[Image: niskopodni%206112%20za%20gradsko%20prigr...1137383934]

Regional electric SERIES 6112

[Image: 1a_0099.jpg?v=637983844099858812]

Diesel low floor regional SERIES 7 022

[Image: 6b_5773%20vr.jpg?v=637983844519866296]

Diesel low floor regional SERIES 7 023

[Image: 5a_0132%20vr.jpg?v=637983844869671207]

(All new trains are manufactured in Croatia.)
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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The day after:

[Image: NESRECA-NOVSKA6.jpg]

According to the latest information, it was confirmed that three people died, while 12 were injured. Train driver Mario Gusak lost his life. Along with him, the conductor of Croatian Railways died, as well as a 17-year-old son of another train driver who was in the cabin for unknown reasons. The deceased Mario Gusak was an experienced train driver with 33 years of experience, and he previously warned about irregularities and poor working conditions at the Croatian Railways. He appeared on the front page of a daily newspaper in 2019 when he told how parts of his brakes used to fall out while driving. He was a Croatian war veteran and the father of three.

Unofficial information says that several foreigners - citizens of Iran - are among the injured. According to the witness - one injured passenger - the tragedy could have been even greater if numerous school children had not got off the train at previous stations.
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
Hi Mr No I appreciate the efforts in these posts & sharing about your country. It is sad that many were hurt. Easy to forget how big and powerful some trains are when compared to our little models, especially the models with cute faces.
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Yes, the real world trains can be very dangerous - - especially when not enough money is invested in the infrastructure. Another horrible accident today: 

Mother, son (4) and niece (4) dead in a train crash

The level crossing in Bolfan, Varaždin County, northern Croatia, where a 27-year-old woman and two four-year-old children were killed after a train collided with a car, was not marked with sound-light signalling and has not level-crossing barriers (there is only a STOP sign and a railway crossing sign).

[Image: 9032edef-a38b-4719-9461-c0b37a7e86e6.jpg]

The accident happened this morning at 9:30 a.m. when a 27-year-old woman was driving a car from the direction of the town of Sveti Petar. Arriving at the mentioned crossing, she did not stop in front of it and make sure that there is no train coming along the track. Because of this, her vehicle was hit by a local passenger train travelling on the route Koprivnica - Varaždin.

[Image: 38b62ebd-9128-4b42-8a96-ae1e0bf8be36.jpg]

The driver of the car and a four-year-old boy from the vehicle were killed in the collision, while two passengers, a 28-year-old man and a four-year-old girl, were injured and transported to the Koprivnica General Hospital. The girl died of her injuries in the hospital at 10:35 a.m.
My YouTube Channel: Mister No

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