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HNBGamer's Plarail & other train stuff
You may be the first member to have received one of the ES series (I think). I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • HanoibusGamer
Got a new stuff recently, well it's new for me but not new for the product, it's the "Deka Plarail Town Shinkansen Series N700 Station"!



Well I have just purchased it recently, without packaging, but it looks quite new given that it would be at least around 10 years old since its release in 2008. Most functions perform well, just missing two parts that can counts as extra anyway. The stop switch, rear shell and cockpit windsheld are quite loose though.

I don't particularly like how they made the wheels for the big N700, it's too small and the whole bogie section should also be shortened as it's not a full-length train anyway. 

It's 46 cm / 18 in in length, but unfortunately you can't fit a set of three cars in it when the big train is fully closed, not even ES, but more than enough for two standard cars.

Plarail has been (and are) releasing such big versions of trains, most are way bigger than this actually, the only similar sized to this N700 would be the Doctor Yellow Shinkansen they released 4 years ago.
Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
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  • chrisjo, Super, generic_truck_69420
(10-12-2022, 02:38 AM)HanoibusGamer Wrote: The entire layout is under my bed, so the station would be on the open side. 
The track switch on the opposite side would be R-19 rail element, which would be automatic because that side faces the wall. I want multiple tracks to my layout so, R-19 is the newest element bought in the layout.
hat it looks like before I open my bed. The necessary rails have been inserted but the girders can't stay up during the insert.

Call me weird, but the image below the words above me gives me Tootington vibes. (good vibes btw)

[Image: Can-t-Catch-Koko87.webp]
Call me Sixteen.

Signatures are too hard. -_-
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  • HanoibusGamer
(11-26-2022, 02:23 PM)HanoibusGamer Wrote: "Deka Plarail Town Shinkansen Series N700 Station"

Some mildly interesting trivia:

I know that the name of this product デカプラレールタウン N700系新幹線ステーション is 'translated' in this way, but it's simply because the online translator being used doesn't know what to do with the characters デカ "de ka".

It's even that way on the box!

[Image: 10064911a.jpg]

However, in this context it's a contraction of the colloquial adjective デカい "dekai" that simply means big, huge, colossal, etc.

So a more accurate translation of the Japanese characters would be "Big Plarail Town Shinkansen Series N700 Station", as recognised for example by Hobbysearch.
[-] The following 1 user Likes chrisjo's post:
  • HanoibusGamer
That's interesting chrisjo!
Yep, I just took the English name straight from the box, thanks for the Japanese analysis!
Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
Alright, my under-bed layout has an update!

Given now that I have the giant N700, I decided that I'll need a full enough set of rails to build a separate removable layout, partly for the giant N700 and partly as a test track for whatever new Plarail trains I may get. Therefore, I have to simplify the main layout, removing and modify tracks to get enough curve rails, while still look quite complex-ish.


So, the automatic point rail is now on the station side (the side of the bed that's open to outside), which effectively moves all active switches out in the open. The diverted track now use the U-turn rail for a quick turn-around. I still want that seperate track to be elevated so there's the box.

All tracks goes to one rather quickly though. 


And here's what it looks like from the open side with enclosed bed! Given the diverted track going diagonal though the layout instead of just by a corner, we can now have a direct view through the far side.

Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
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  • Super, Donald9Douglas10Oliver11mp
Brought Plarail and Lego together for a run. It's on the bed so the Plarail track includes the Big N700.



And I just realized that the general nose shape of the E7 and the Lego 60337 are quite identical, both have a basic curve swoop from roof to the nose tip, with the bend at the cockpit windshield, and identical headlight position!

Here's the big N700 and Lego 60337, looks nice together and not too differently scaled (height only).

Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
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  • generic_truck_69420, Super
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • HanoibusGamer
Fun fact of the day: A set of R-28 when connected will not result in a nice half-circle. The diverted track turns a bit sooner than a normal curve rail.


4 R-03 rails overlaid on top of the R-28s to compare the curvature of the rails.

Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
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  • generic_truck_69420, Super
Welp, it's now the end of 2022, here I'll now summarize my Plarail collection as of 2022!

First, the JR West/Central/Kyushu Shinkansen!


From left to right: Win 350, S-02 500 (old chassis), 700 Hikari Rail Star (new chassis), N700 (old chassis), N700 Mizuho (old chassis), ES-01 N700S.

Second, the JR East Shinkansen!


From left to right: E1 (old chassis), S-08 E2 with coupler (new chassis), S-06 E3 Tsubasa with coupler (old chassis), S-09 E3 Tsubasa 2000 with coupler (new chassis), S-10 E4 Max with coupler (new chassis), S-03 E5 Hayabusa with coupler (new chassis) with KF-08 E5 middle car, S-14 E6 Komachi with coupler (new chassis), E7 (new chassis).

Third, the rest of the standard sized Plarail!


From left to right: S-49 E231 Sobu line (old chassis), KF-03 DD51 with KF-06 containers, S-46 Doraemon Tram.

Next, the Plarail Advance lineup!


From left to right: AS-02 E5 Shinkansen (ACS compatible), AS-13 E3 Shinkansen, AS-10 N700 Shinkansen Mizuho.

And finally, the outliers, these include Big N700 and BS-03 W7 Shinkansen.


That's all I have, in 2023 I have plan to buy at least two more Plarail products, plus some more if I have the ability to. 

Thank you all for a great 2022, it's also the year I found this community, an English group of Plarail (and Trackmaster) enjoyers.

Looking forward to a bright year of 2023!
Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
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  • Super
Very nice collection Hano, thanks for sharing 👍
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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