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Project Tiger Moth: The Good Old Days
I don't usually make threads about finds like this here, but couldn't help it because I just happened to watch it the day after it premiered.

While fan made Thomas & Friends episodes, films/specials and remakes of official ones are nothing new and have been around for decades in a myriad of formats with varying quality, this is the first one I recall to be specifically made with the aim to perfectly match David Mitton's production values for the real show (in this case, Season 5). "Perfectly", as in making it barely distinguishable even to certain viewers who do know/care if they're watching something that's fan made; faithful replicas of the Gauge 1 models with eye mechs and smoke units, (mostly) accurate lighting, props and sets with a sky backdrop, tracking shots with the engines and trucks and even odd things like "wrong" whistle sounds from that time. The narrator, Robert Magee, uses a similar narration style and voices to Alec Baldwin's from the original US dub. In a flashback, it goes as far as to use stock footage from "Toby and the Stout Gentleman" without making it look out of place; it only hit me when I recognised the second shot.

Clearly the highest quality tribute to the work of Allcroft, Mitton and co. ever attempted. I feel anyone who watched the filmed seasons should see it if they still like the franchise. Well done to Jacob, Robert, Matt, Daniel and everyone mentioned in the credits for 'truly' reviving Classic Thomas, more faithfully than any toys, Hornby, Bachmann or Trainz/Railworks/MSTS. They didn't title it "The Good Old Days" for nothing.
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I knew that at some point something like this would happen. For the pilot this is VERY impressive, and while I do have some criticisms, I can't deny how amazing this is.
I know some people may be shocked by the two year production time, but when you consider that this isn't their job, and their only doing this in their free time, I 'd say they were actually quite fast with the production.
I just can't wait to see more, and it's probably only gonna get better from here
11/10 from me
The magic of the GWR
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These "Fan Made" videos look like the real thing. Are the actual 'Video's' Fan Made or just the story telling?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
They actually made guage 1(1:32 scale) replicas of the original props that were used, in season 5 condition, complete with motor, eye mechanism and synchronized smoke unit
The magic of the GWR
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Dunno about you guys, but things like this remind me there's still hope and life in the series yet, no matter what HiT seem to think the 'official' version should look like ('cough' All Engines Go 'cough') thanks to the legion of dedicated fans who make things like this possible.

For what it's worth, I watched the short, and aside from maybe a couple of shots where I admittedly could tell it wasn't the original, had I not known going in that this was actually a fan project, you'd have convinced me with absolute certainty that this WAS an episode of the original series, and to be honest, they should be darn proud of what they've made, because it's truly the type of Thomas media we need more of 😀
Been building Plarail worlds since 2001; still building in 2021 - Not bad really  :cool:
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I liked how the narrator sounded like Robin Smith, he was a legend.
Call me Sixteen.

Signatures are too hard. -_-
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I had the pleasure of seeing some of the replicas used on a exhibit at the Greenburg Train show in Edison, NJ last weekend. Lovely spot on replicas they are. The quality is truly unrivaled.

[Image: Fig0-P7-DXEAA17ih.jpg]

[Image: Figy0-IZXg-AAM-B7.jpg]

[Image: Figz-Is-Xg-AAC9ry.jpg]

[Image: Figz-JDNWAAo-Pmz-N.jpg]
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