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Alfie's Value in Terms of Trade?
If you're confused at the title of the thread, I'm wondering what engine/item by itself (or multiple engines/items combined) has/have the same value as Alfie to be able to trade for it. 
For Example: "Bertram and FF Toby together make up the value of Alfie and can therefore be traded for one". Doubt those two make the value of Alfie so I want to hear from the experts and people who own Alfie.
I think my odds are better trying to trade for one rather than pay and look for one. 
Any help will be appreciated! 

Edit: Knowing trades for him with and without his cargo would also be appreciated!
I collect mostly HiT and other brands from 1992-2014
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I am no Alfie owner, but I have talked about this previously that Monty should be comparable to Alfie in terms of rarity.
Train it, plane it, you name it!
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I think a trade would be dependent on what the other person wants or needs.
For instance, I wouldn’t think a used FF Toby and a used Bertram would equal a used Alfie, but a BNIB FF Toby set and a BNIB Bertram might seal the deal on a used Alfie.
How about a Bnib American accent T’nA James for a used Alfie?…probably not, but maybe for a used one.
How about BNIB Monty for a used Alfie?…not in a million years, but if someone had a used one and wanted the other one used, I could see them being swapped.
Maybe something enticing and cash?
Either way whatever you’re trading for should be nearly equal in value to whatever it is that you’re offering.
Play nice & have fun!!:)
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I think something like a boxed Bill & Ben harbour friends set or a Donald and Douglas snow plow set along with some boxed engines, new in box, or maybe a boxed angry Gordon... I don't really know it's really hard to determine an item's value in other items. An easier way would be to get an aproximativ value of what Alfie goes for usually and then compare that to the average value of sone other items.
I may be able to do some research using the method mentioned above later.
The magic of the GWR
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Does a Hector Coach lose all its value if it's loose?

[Image: side.jpg]

[Image: Hi-T-Stamp.jpg]
I collect mostly HiT and other brands from 1992-2014
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I don't think Hector's coach loses all of its value if it's loose since it's the only North American release of Oliver's Red Branchline Coaches.
Just call me Ffar

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The Hector coach is still very’s different than Oliver’s.
It has a much darker grey roof than the version that comes with Oliver.
Play nice & have fun!!:)
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Like Muddy said:

Oliver with White Roof Coaches
[Image: white-roof.jpg]

Hector with Gray Roof Coach
[Image: gray-roof.webp]
I collect mostly HiT and other brands from 1992-2014
[-] The following 2 users Like Splodge's post:
  • generic_truck_69420, Muddy Poppins
I may be wrong in saying this, but I think the original plarail realeses of oliver also come with grey roof-ed coaches.
The magic of the GWR
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