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trackmastertomy twin discussion
I have a theory that the reason you are gonna find one twin over the other is because parents who are not fans look at a character like bill and Ben and think they are the same so they get ben because there's a peg full of characters and they see one twin without seeing the other. there's also year differences between releases Donald in 01 but Douglas in 06 so there's a 5 year gap and kids by that point would have outgrown ttte. there's also arry and Bert why's the hit toy Bert more common than Arry because arry was released as a big friends release and Bert was little friends so he was cheaper than arry. but fisher price released them in the same year I hear you say well stock can vary between stores so I will say that Bert was more likely than arry and other than the faces they look the same so I bet most people again not fans would have bought one twin without knowing about the other. this can also be used to explain why dash is more common than bash they are the same so non fans will think they are just the same and get one and also cause they look different (in terms of color). dodge was released by fisher price probably because he is a different color to splatter and fisher price who most likely weren't fans thought the two were just different characters and also due to hit releasing them separately and released dodge. and last note bill was released after ben and that's why ben is more common I said why already but to clarify.
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I liked tomy ever since I found out about it
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Interesting theory T-Real 👍
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I feel like this is what could've happened with Monty, he maybe didn't sell well and was pulled off the shelves here in the U.S. given there's an image of a lot off WorthPoint with him having the "NEW!" text on his box and no other languages...

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I collect mostly HiT and other brands from 1992-2014
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I think that's true. Another theory I have is that: Maybe twins were released years apart in order to make more sales. To explain:

For example let's take the plarail Bill and Ben. The parents may want to buy bill and ben, but in 1999 are only able to find Ben. Then in 2004 Plarail release Bill in the harbor set, but he's twin Ben is also included, so for those who already bought ben separately would now have spent extra money on a duplicate character. Unfortunately this only works for Bill and Ben.
The magic of the GWR
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