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thomas and friends mini series
(06-10-2019, 06:29 PM)sunhuntin Wrote: has anyone seen this anywhere? found on twitter and all i could find on the page was that it was bought at a "day with thomas" event.

[Image: D8qu-Xyc-Wk-AAv-JNA.jpg]

[Image: D8qu-Xzx-Ww-AAd-wv.jpg]
Day out with Thomas was just here near Vancouver. I usually take my kids. Weather was bad so we passed. That’s frustrating if those were being sold there at the event.
i have no idea what event they were at, or really even how recent it was.

furthur research on twitter brought this up, from the same user:
my website address has changed:
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Yeah that would have been the event that was here. But who knows if they had those minis at the event in Canada. You should see if the day out with Thomas event is coming to a place near you. I’m sure the metallic Thomas will be showing up online soon enough. If anyone in this group is going to the event and can pick a metallic Thomas up for me, I would be very appreciativeSmile please let me know

Lots of current and upcoming US day out with Thomas tour dates! Go check it out if you can! Maybe go there just to pick up some Minis at the gift shop Wink
Here are the dates:

We've been to one of these few years ago, sadly it's a very long ride from where we live, no matter which one we go to, it would take over 4 hrs to get there. I am not sure if FP generally makes event-specific expenses like this, or if this is similar to the blue icecream fiasco where they eventually released the birthday thomas as Amazon exclusive. Personally I don't collect add'l stuff like boxes, toys, or cases due to limited space, but I am sure we have several people who'd love to get their hands on that storage case/bag.
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At least 2 of the local Dollar Tree stores have 2016/4 (yes, for $1 per blind bag). I found #21 (classic Victor re-release) which I didn't have on my checklist page, so I just added that.

[Image: 2016w4n21.jpg]

I got one other mini I needed (the Panda Stanley) but not the other 3 exclusive to that wave I didn't have. It seemed like most of the bags they had were re-releases in that wave, but that could just indicate someone else got to both stores before I did Wink. The bags were all in good shape (no one had been roughing them up to identify the engines by feel, like you sometimes see when you find older waves in stores).
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Hey Drew!

You already had Victor on your checklist from 2016 wave 4. You put him at the bottom of the list Smile

My mistake. I was thinking of 2018/4 where you had victor at the bottom as well Smile
Yep, I had a tremendous sense of déjà vu while I was adding it, which didn't resolve itself until I found that late addition in 2018/4! Smile
I wonder if that was just a typo or did they actually have Victor "returning favorites" in any of the inserts for that year.
They kept using 21 for Victor in all waves, so they might have picked up wrong bag, but add the right number?
I received the fizz multi-pack.

[Image: 2019-06-21-09-59-21.jpg]  [Image: 2019-06-21-09-59-27.jpg]

[Image: 2019-06-21-09-59-38.jpg]

Here is the difference between Sir Thopham Hatt from Target Blast Set and Fizz Set

[Image: STH-FIZZ-SET.jpg] [Image: STH-TARGET-BLAST.jpg]
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