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thomas and friends mini series
(08-10-2019, 12:04 AM)Reivax Wrote: Are there exclusives in that holiday set? Kinda looks like it. Just wondering if I need to purchase it

I think at least three, Different holiday Yong Bao, Gordon and Nia. 
Some of you guys (hint: Mike) have better eyes than me at catching these things, take a look at these upclose to see if you spot anything different.

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

Art work in some of these are so good that I think we sometimes need to pick them up and appreciate the details on these little engines.
I think the rest of them were same as before but these caught my eyes. Design on Diesel is my favorite.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Pablo392's post:
  • drewbenn
I am going to take on a big challenge (may have to take a day off work, LOL) and try to sort my duplicates.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what's the best way to organize them? Maybe just use ziplock bags and mark them with sharpie?
Is there a 30-Pack planned for 2019, does anyone know? Each had 3 exclusives per year, Insect, Slime and Beach.
How did your organising go, pablo?
my website address has changed:
I organized all my mom’s trains (she collects but doesn’t pay attention enough to know what’s what). I just put each wave in a ziplock bag and marked with a sharpie “2018 wave 2” (for example).

Is there a reason you want to sort your duplicates? You maybe just want to know how many you have for a second set? I personally leave about 100 duplicates out for the kids to play with (that’s more than enough to make a disaster or the living room floor) and the rest of the duplicates (mostly the older ones) are just in 2 ziplock bags ready for me to give away as I don’t know what to do with them really. There’s probably 100 more in the bags and I’ve given away or traded I’m sure 100 more over the last few years.

The main collection has lost some of its organization as there’s just so many now. Getting pretty damn insane.

Also want to thank drewbenn for the awesome update on the site. It’s so damn helpful all up to date with pics.

One more thing, is Rebecca only available in the steamies set? Would really suck to have to get that for one dang train.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Reivax's post:
  • Finno
She is in the advent also . Xmas version and Classic version
I sorted some of those just one each and added them to my son's collection that he keeps at home in Thomas mini storage boxes, and they also play with those when younger kids visit. He would now claim Thomas is for babies but he would randomly pull them out and just line them up, I think he is getting to an age that he can appreciate the quality of some of these engines, but I don't think he'll look back to these until he is much older, when I finally pass the torch to him and ask him to continue the collection (if they are still being sold).

Rest of the duplicates are still in a bag, I separated one of each classic ones, and for rest I thought about giving some of these on Halloween instead of candy.

2019/4 started appearing in east coast. We completely skipped 2019/3 this year.
Found these at Target, I don't think I saw these on Drew's list:

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]
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  • mikedaws, drewbenn
[Image: 1750-C686-B389-4-AE7-840-D-363-BEF7-ABB7-A.jpg]

[Image: 24-CF71-BC-EF17-41-F5-87-D6-02-CAFC6-EC1-CA.jpg]

[Image: B6-BFB560-5-BCD-4-C6-D-B8-AD-F9-CE307-F2077.jpg]

[Image: EE415-E44-B221-43-A2-9-D77-393-DA807-AFC3.jpg]

[Image: F0-CA45-FA-3229-46-BC-BB7-C-6-CFFE82-A5-DB3.jpg]

Here are a few pictures of the upcoming 2020 series. Looks like we’ll be seeing Tiki, Ice Cream and 75th anniversary.
[-] The following 1 user Likes mikedaws's post:
  • Pablo392
nice finds, mike! that tiki thomas is downright terrifying! i love the idea of the anniversary ones. given the minis were introuduced for the 70th, i wonder [hope!!] if next year will be the last year?
my website address has changed:
[Image: 021-F40-F8-1837-4069-A537-62-B59-CE6-D340.jpg]

In case anyone lives near these places. If you do go and don’t mind looking for the Day out with Thomas metallic mini, I’m sure there any many people on this forum that would love to get him! I know I would Smile
My wife works next to the Strasburg railroad and I have several friends employed there. I'll see if I can stop over during the Thomas Days, although the crowds are usually crazy. I don't collect minis but I'm guessing it will be obvious when I see the one you are talking about? How many people want one?
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  • Super, mikedaws, Pablo392
Very nice of you Bob
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(09-02-2019, 08:17 AM)Engineer Bob Wrote: [Image: 8-DC4-F4-B6-BB5-F-42-FD-A89-C-B99240136-CB5.jpg]

My wife works next to the Strasburg railroad and I have several friends employed there. I'll see if I can stop over during the Thomas Days, although the crowds are usually crazy. I don't collect minis but I'm guessing it will be obvious when I see the one you are talking about? How many people want one?

Hi Bob! 

That’s so nice of you! I’ve attached a photo of what he looks like. Would love to get one for myself and another member on this forum
[-] The following 2 users Like mikedaws's post:
  • Super, Pablo392
That would be amazing bob! If you are able i would love one too, please.
my website address has changed:

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