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thomas and friends mini series
Thanks, drew. Didn’t realize one of the Emily’s was in a blind bag already. And I just didn’t see the Charlie in the unnumbered 2019-2 area. Just saw the other 5. I’ll take another look.

Oh..I see him. I think I expected it to say spring and not holiday, so my eyes skipped over him. Thanks.
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I found this link on twitter, from april. Minis themed school stationery. Has anyone seen it anywhere?
my website address has changed:
next wave.  I guess the photographer used a AA battery to show his/her audience how big the mini trains are 
[Image: 72298923-2471573956498878-5755454213287051264-n.jpg]

[Image: 72424373-2471573966498877-4688271285384380416-n.jpg]

[Image: 72231458-2471573996498874-1629118465883242496-n.jpg]

[Image: 72651496-2471574009832206-4897540715023695872-n.jpg]

[Image: 72475317-2471574043165536-8684242938424721408-n.jpg]

[Image: 71784772-2471574056498868-8338051613541269504-n.jpg]

[Image: 72156202-2471574086498865-6290585255510278144-n.jpg]

[Image: 72382599-2471574103165530-1189209764895129600-n.jpg]

[Image: 71658579-2471574113165529-4036833666951806976-n.jpg]
My Trackmaster/Tomy/Plarail Photo Gallery Page (over 600+ photos and still under construction)
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(10-10-2019, 08:30 AM)sunhuntin Wrote: I found this link on twitter, from april. Minis themed school stationery. Has anyone seen it anywhere?

I'll keep an eye out, I'm sure I've seen this or similar stuff before Smile
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
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I love the cowboy, farm and ice/snow ones. I hope final product details are as vibrant as these. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi DrewBenn,
The part where it says "Final Update", it's not final as in no more updates to list, is it?
picked up the super cruiser today. will remove the minis, replace them with spare metallics from my stash and resell it as not interested in the set as a whole.

happy to have found it just for the minis, didnt think we would get it over here at all.

drew, is there a way anyone can take over your site to keep it up to date? thank you for the amazing work you have put in over the years. many of us would have been stuffed without you!
my website address has changed:
Yeah, that it, sorry. The 5th was the 4-year anniversary of the site, which seemed like the right time to wrap it up. It was a fun hobby for a long time but lately turned into more of a chore.

If someone wanted to pick it up, it's just 2 files, an html and a javascript file, that need to be hosted somewhere. Plus all the photos if you want those; I could zip up the photos so they don't have to be downloaded individually (though plenty of people have scraped them, that's easy enough, too) and I could edit the page so the Share a Link button directs to the new page to make it easy for everyone to bring their collections across. So you'd need your own web host (or an online editor like might work) and enough knowledge of html (it's easy!) to edit the page directly to add new trains (you can View Source on the page now to see how it's done). Then it's just the time to gather the information about new trains and add it all onto the page in the right order (you can't insert trains inside a table, only add to the end, so you have to make sure you find out all the trains in a new wave before you add it; and you can only have 31 trains in each table so you need to think ahead a little bit when setting up the 'unnumbered'-style waves).
Seriously thanks a billion for your work. I can absolutely understand why it would feel like a chore. It’s a pretty immense amount of releases over these years. It’s frankly too much. I wouldn’t collect without your site, so all the time you’ve put in has been immeasurably appreciated.
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Even though I didn't collect Mini's I appreciate all the work you put into the hobby for all to enjoy Drew. I know your efforts proved immeasurable for both Members here at BPT's and for the thousands and thousands of non-members who browsed this Forum everyday.

Thank you Drew
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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